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Shield Hero V14.5 Chapter 3

The Shield Hero’s Parade

The Shield Hero’s Parade


After accompanying Fohl and Atla to their home, we received a report from the emissary of Siltvelt that they’d located the Seven-Star Hero and we came back using my Portal Shield.


“We’re here.”


We arrived at the training ground I registered at in the castle of Siltvelt. When I checked the surroundings, the soldiers in the castle who saw me bowed deeply.


This area is very different from Melromarc. This is probably because, in this region, they have a deep faith in the Shield Hero.


“I will call Lord Werner!”


“No, I’m going to the throne room. It’s not worth calling him out here for trivial things.”




After talking to the Siltvelt soldier, we headed towards the throne room.


“What kind of person is the Seven-Star Hero?” Raphtalia asked.


“Because we prioritized getting into Q’Ten Lo, I only heard that he went on a training trip. No… I feel like someone said it was the Claw Hero.”


Even though the world was in trouble because of the Spirit Tortoise incident, he left to train and didn’t answer my call. Since our return from Kizuna’s world… I’ve ordered all of the Seven-Star Heroes to meet with me, one of the four holy heroes. But, there has been no response from that too.


Now, we’ve finally located his whereabouts.




Filo was waving her hand.


That reminds me, she often uses a morning star.


She also uses the claw she got from Old Man’s master… Motoyasu #2.


Well, if that guy is so stoic about training, maybe it’s a good idea to ask him coach Filo.


“I heard that the Claw Hero’s race is Werefur.” Atla mentioned.


“Werefur, huh.”


“According to the stories I heard from the people, he has a beautiful face that goes well with his blue fur and tight muscles. I want to meet him. I heard he is one of Siltvelt’s best warriors,” Fohl said.


“Even though he’s like a vagabond, who prioritized training over helping the Four Holy Heroes.”


This is the most suitable evaluation of him.


I mean, it seems that the Four Holy Heroes are supposed to be more superior than Seven-Star Heroes… but he was at a place where my call couldn’t reach him. Whatever it was, it’s useless at this point.


“To think that he can’t perceive Naofumi’s sama call, there is a limit for being a fool.”


“It is because he didn’t hear it, so I think it is hard for him to receive the call…”


Raphtalia made a reasonable point to Atla’s statement.


However, since he is meeting one of the Four Holy Heroes, I wish that he’d thought about meeting sooner.


Well, it seems that everyone in this world didn’t know that heroes’ weapons can share each other’s power up method. Also it seems that all heroes getting summoned at once is a rare case, so maybe it can’t be helped?


“Whatever. Since we’re finally able to contact him, let’s meet and talk with him.”


I only heard what kind of hero he is by hearsay. Things won’t progress if I don’t meet him in person to talk.


I have to make sure whether the claw hero can be trusted or not, before I tell him that the power up methods among heroes can be shared.


There is that thing in Kizuna’s world.


They called the Seven-Star weapons there Vassal Weapons. If this Vassal Hero who we didn’t know was an asshole like Kyo, the ones who will be in trouble is us.


There is a chance that he is someone I can’t tell about the heroes being able to share their power up methods.


In that case, not telling him is also an option.


I hope he’s not an asshole like Kyo, but he has the same spirit as Glass’.


“When we meet the Seven-Star Hero, I will be the one who talks. If we make a mistake, it may end up like Kyo’s case,” I told the others.


“Yes. I understand that we need to be careful,” Raphtalia said.


“Yeah! Filo’s got it~!”


“If I’m right, it’s about the Foolish Hero from Another World, correct? If that’s Naofumi-sama’s command, I will shut up like a rock no matter what he asks.”


“Atla. You always do too much and say a lot of extreme ideas, so you have to shut up,” I said to Atla.


“You! What did you say to my sister?! Atla’s voice is superb, you know!”


Fohl is still as noisy as always. I hope he can control his siscon soon.


“Fohl, think carefully here. Atla, who is always saying radical things, says she’ll keep silent at my command. Haven’t you been troubled by her rants recently?”




It seemed like he had an idea on what I was talking about, and he shut up.


“Because that means I can’t talk to Naofumi-sama, I don’t want to!”


“Didn’t you say my words are absolute?” I asked Atla.


“As your subordinate, I will properly say what I can do and not. That’s the art of how to be Naofumi-sama’s excellent retainer.”


“Didn’t you say that Gods won’t make any mistakes? You always say things that’ll favor yourself, huh.”


“She really does…” Raphtalia sighed.


Geez… just how far will Atla go to say things that favor herself.


“Gods won’t make mistakes, but I will not forgive any reckless actions towards Naofumi-sama!”


“You are the one who is making reckless actions,” I told her.


“This is not “reckless actions”. It is “faith”!” Atla refuted.


“Yeah-yeah. After all, your logic is accepted in Siltvelt. But don’t think you can do whatever you want. If you break the limit, you’ll be no different from the Three Heroes Church.”


Siltvelt’s religion and Atla’s perception are quite radical.


I can only pray that they won’t go out of control like the Three Heroes Church did.


“Yes… that’s true. I want to be convinced that they’re different from the Three Heroes Church…” Raphtalia said.


Atla puffed up her chest, acting so proudly before she turned her face towards Raphtalia.


Well, Raphtalia and Fohl are doing their best as her stoppers. In SIltvelt, Atla’s radical statements could silence stupid people.


Either way, it all depends on how I use her, so I will compromise on this.


“You have to control Atla to some extent too, Fohl. If you really care about her.”


“Y- yeah!”


Or maybe, I think he became much quieter recently?


After last night’s meal, I think his rebellious eyes on me have somehow eased.




While talking about all this, we returned to the throne room.


“Welcome back, Sir Shield Hero.”




Werner and Old Man Genmu welcomed us.


After we finished conquering Q’Ten Lo, they were the people I asked Raphtalia to send back to Siltvelt.


“Well then, please go to the throne…”


“Don’t try to make me sit there.” I told Werner.


I am worshipped in Siltvelt, but I have no intention of being a king.


Apparently, it seems like everyone in Siltvelt, including Werner, wants me to sit on the throne.


“Let’s hurry up and get to the point. I heard that we were finally able to get in contact with SIlvelt’s Seven-Star Hero?” I asked Werner.


“Yes. I report, we were finally able to find his whereabouts.”




I looked at the surroundings.


I didn’t see anyone that matched the description of the hero Atla and Fohl told me about.


“Where is that Seven-Star Hero?” I asked.


“Yes… we are able to find his whereabouts, but it will take a few days for him to reach the castle…”


Werner answered me, but he looked troubled.


Damn, so that means we’ll have to wait again? Just how much of our time does he plan to waste?


“I heard that he is coming as fast as he can… can you please wait a few days?” Werner asked.


“And, it seems that our country’s Seven-Star Hero didn’t have the teleport skill like Sir Shield Hero… so please, I beg for your pardon,” Old Man Genmu said.


Well, I did use Filo’s carriage to travel around before I got the teleportation skill.


I can agree on that.


“Got it. I was planning to go home anyway. So after we decide the date of the meeting with the Seven-Star Hero, let’s grab the people we left at Q’ten Lo and go back to the village.”


“That’s right. Let’s take everyone and go home,” Raphtalia said.


Sadeena, Ren, Itsuki, and the others said that the confusion and ruckus at Q’Ten Lo after we conquered it had finally subsided. I think it’s time to leave it to the people in this country.


Rato, Wyndia, S’yne, and Gaelion should have completed the ecological survey of Q’Ten Lo now.


“About that, actually…”


Werner bowed to me apologetically, kneeled, and looked up at me.


“What is it now?” I asked him.


“The people who heard about Sir Shield Hero’s activities in Siltvelt have become more lively, and the voice of wanting to see you at a glance is getting louder every day.”


“There is also Q’Ten Lo opening itself to the world, and now that Sir Shield Hero has come back temporarily, the Authority of Siltvelt thinks that showing dignity can eliminate the dissatisfaction of the people.” Old Man Genmu mentioned.


Uwah! What a hassle!


“Until our country’s Seven-Star Hero arrives, can you agree to do it for a few days?” Werner asked.


It is very annoying to do that, but I understand the merits of doing this.


It is true that some Siltvelt people are dissatisfied with the fact that the Shield Hero they believe in is developing Demi-human territories in Melromarc.


I’m sure they have a strong faith, but some people are complaining that I won’t show up myself.


Also, I had to thank Siltvelt for helping me occupy Q’Ten Lo… If I ignore them, there will be some that’ll think “The Shield Hero only pushes troublesome things onto other people and does nothing! The Shield Hero who doesn’t think about the people of this country is not the Shield Hero! Let’s Reject him! What the fake hero is trying to do must be crushed!” and they’d go out of control just like that…


Werner and Old Man Genmu will stop that though…


However, it’s troublesome and it’s inevitable that the time to calm the people is too long.


There is Jaralis’ case too.


Do they really have to show the power of the Shield Hero to the smoldering people?


I find it a hassle, so I will refuse.


“Let’s do it!” Raphtalia exclaimed.






I looked at her, and I saw Raphtalia in her miko outfit subtly looking like she has won something and felt that this was a chance.


“Atla-san, I’m a little dissatisfied to ask this to you. But this is a good opportunity to improve Naofumi-sama’s influence, and gain the faith of the people. Would you please cooperate to tell them of Naofumi’s appeal?”


Raphtalia said something in a challenging tone to Atla.


“Aneki?” *big sister. Other than siblings, usually used for calling someone higher in a group.


Fohl also looked stunned.


After hearing Raphtalia’s line, Atla opened her mouth for a while and suddenly closed it. Then I saw her make a fearless smile.


“Hmm… I am concerned that I agree with Raphtalia-san here, but I have no reason for declining this proposal,” Atla said.


“Hmmm~?” Filo looked at them both curiously.


“What are you two talking about?” I asked.


Raphtalia agreed with Atla? What kind of logic is this?


“Yes, Naofumi-sama. Please rest assured. Let’s get them to promise free time outside of public affairs. Otherwise I won’t like it either. Isn’t it the same with you too, Atla-san?” Raphtalia asked.


“Yes, everything is for Naofumi-sama’s sake,” Atla said.


“Why did it come to that?” I asked.


“… do you really not understand?”


Raphtalia’s outfit and hair seemed to float a little.


Fohl saw Raphtalia, took a breath, then took a few steps back.


“It’s important to have a parade to prove Naofumi-sama’s influence, right? After all, we’ve been doing it so many times at Q’Ten Lo before this.”


She smiled and laughed, but is she perhaps holding a grudge against me?


It’s true that Raphtalia’s miko outfit has a mysterious charm, and I had her do parades every day wherever we went in Q’Ten Lo. Don’t tell me, is Raphtalia telling me to do it this time?


“Ah … Raphtalia? Please don’t joke-“


“What is it?” She interrupted me.


“It doesn’t look like it was a joke.”


“Yes. For world peace, isn’t it fine if we do this for a few days until the Seven-Star Hero arrives?” She asked.

Does she mean letting out the stress of the people?


Damn… didn’t I do it before we got into Q’Ten Lo?


Even so, I have to do it again?


“Otherwise, Siltvelt could become a second Q’Ten Lo,” Raphtalia said offhandedly.


Ugh… I can’t protest that theory…


“I will tell the appeal of Naofumi-sama to the people and prove his authority!”


Atla was also enthusiastic and gave the same opinion as Raphtalia.


Fohl seemed lost, shifting his eyes to me, Raphtalia, and Atla. It seems that I won’t get a rescue boat to save me.


“Parade again~? So Filo can pull the carriage that carries Master?”


Of course I can’t rely on Filo too, and Raph-chan is tilting her neck.


So there is no one I can rely on, huh.


“… I got it. I just have to do it, right?”


Everyone from Silvelt helped us a lot. Sending all those troops wasn’t free, after all.


The army also seems to be preparing for the fight with the Phoenix, and I think I have to do this to raise their morale.


With Filo’s speed, we can move fast in Siltvelt. And I just have to use the portal skill effectively.


“Well then, until the Seven-Star Hero comes back, let’s start the parade on big town in Siltvelt.”


Werner seems to be full of motivation.


“Wait for a minute, Shusaku.”


Old Man Genmu stopped the conversation.


What is he going to say?


“I heard that Sir Shield Hero is accompanied by the other Holy Heroes. It seems that Sir Shield Hero prevents them from visiting Siltvelt, concerning our national situation here. But, they have the same teleport skill as Sir Shield Hero. How about Sir Shield Hero suggest having them help?”


“”How about” my ass! Even though I understand, I’ll say this. You just want to use Ren and Itsuki as taxis to save time!”


While I’m parading, he’s going to ask Ren and Itsuki to set up portal locations in various places across Siltvelt to increase the number of areas where parades can be held in the country!


“Hm? I heard that Sir Shield Hero is cooperating with the other heroes?”


Old Man Genmu murmured.


“What would have happened if the portal had been available in Q’Ten Lo…”


Raphtalia’s paraded in many towns in Q’Ten Lo… I wondered at first if she could handle doing so many parades every few hours. That thought ended up being discarded though, but to think I would end up getting involved with it here!?


“That’s a good idea! If we secretly ask cooperation from the other heroes, we can announce that “The other Four Holy Heroes helped too” later on. I think it can be a good appeal to the people.”


Werner also got excited about this.


“Even though you say that, I think making Itsuki and Ren come to Siltvelt is kinda…”


“The Bow Hero also rides the boat that heads to Q’Ten Lo, does he not?” Old Man Genmu asked.


“… Yeah.”


On the way to Q’Ten Lo, we picked up Itsuki after leaving Siltvelt.


I mean, I thought he was fine since he wasn’t in Siltvelt anymore.


Even if the Siltvelt guys attacked him because he was the Bow Hero, I think Itsuki and Rishia would be able to fight back.


“According to the story, he is not as well liked as the Shield Hero, but it seems that the Bow Hero is pretty tolerated by the people,” Werner said.


“Is that so?” I asked.


“It seems that the Bow Hero appears in the folklore in Siltvelt, and I think the people are less hostile to the Bow Hero than the Sword Hero or the Spear Hero.”

Hm… It’s not like I have no idea about the reasoning.


Waves are a fusion phenomenon between worlds. From here, it is easy to think that there are Four Holy Heroes summoned in the past. Considering the facts found in Kizuna’s world, the country affiliation of the Shield Hero and the Bow Hero were probably close to each other.


“In any case, I think it’s a good opportunity to suppress the repulsion of Siltvelt. Isn’t that right, Naofumi-sama?”


Raphtalia’s smile is scary. It seems like she really has a grudge against me.


‘Children resemble their parents’. Maybe Raphtalia has become more or less like me.


“Okay… I’ll ask Ren and Itsuki about it later.”


“If that’s the case, let’s get ready to show Sir Shield Hero to the people all over the country!” Werner said enthusiastically.


“Right! I’ll help too! I will not let anyone take Naofumi-sama’s side!”


“Atla. According to the national situation, it’d be troublesome if Hakuko didn’t take a distance from me.”

“I don’t care,” Atla said.


“It’s troublesome, so stop.” I told her.


“If Naofumi-sama says so, I’ll surely endure myself.”


“That ‘surely’ is kinda suspicious. You definitely don’t want to keep your words, right?”


Just like that, we decided to hold a parade to resolve the dissatisfaction of the Silvelt people.


To prepare for that, I had to go back to Q’Ten Lo once more, call back Ren and Itsuki, and even discuss things with them.


“What do you want from us, Naofumi? For the time being, the suppression of the revolutionary opposition that is rampaging in Q’Ten Lo has been largely cleared up, and we’re still on the alert you know?” Ren asked.


I went back to Q’Ten Lo, and immediately summoned Ren, Itsuki, and Rishia.


Not only them, but Wyndia, Rato, and S’yne have just returned with Gaelion together too.


I had them give their survey reports.


Gaelion is really convenient as a messenger.




“Filo doesn’t care~ Filo just went to visit Atla-chan’s house with Master~”


And Gaelion is the same as always, he and Filo are still glaring at each other.


Apparently, he’s arguing with Filo because Filo went somewhere overnight with me.




“Hey, stop fighting!”


Wyndia was warning him, but I don’t think he’ll listen to her.


I left the noisy group alone, since I have to talk to Ren and Itsuki.


“Yeah, it seems the civil war in Q’Ten Lo is settling down. If you two are fine with this… but I’m fine if you don’t want to do this. Or rather, I want you two to not like this.”


“Naofumi-sama, please don’t lead them to declining.”


Ignoring Raphtalia’s cold gaze, I tried my best to lead them to turn down the idea, but Ren, Itsuki, and Rishia’s eyes swam and seemed confused.


“W- what is going on?” Ren asked.


“What is it? What should we… have to do next?” Itsuki asked next.




It seems like it’s still hard for Itsuki to guess what’s going on.


“You see, it seems that the whereabouts of the Seven-Star Hero of Siltvelt have been found, but it’ll take several days for him to come to the castle. So, in the meantime, Silvelt wants to show Naofumi-sama to the people to get rid of their dissatisfaction,” Raphtalia explained.




Itsuki is tilting his head like he didn’t understand what Raphtalia just said.


“Perhaps you’re going to travel around a lot in that short period of time? I feel like you could take it slower.”


It seems like Rishia somehow understands my intention.


“Honestly it’s a hassle. We’re not free. In the first place, I want to reduce waste as much as possible. If you say you can’t do it, we can go around the towns and villages of Siltvelt with the minimum number of places.”


I honestly conveyed my thoughts to Ren, Itsuki, and the others.


“That’s why you need us… considering that it’s something only heroes can do, perhaps it’s the teleportation skill?”


Ren answered me with his finger on his chin. It seems like he already guessed the situation.


“Yeah, that’s right.”


“If Siltvelt’s side prepares fast vehicles, I don’t mind helping, since we’ll have to meet again at night anyway,” Ren said.


“You can decline too, you know.”


Damn you, Ren! I think he wanted to be generous, but that’s supposed to be none of your business.


If it was the past Ren, he would say “Are you going to use us as taxis? I’m not willing to obey such orders.”


“No, Silvelt’s people also cooperated a lot in conquering Q’Ten Lo, remember? If I can repay them with this, it’s not a big deal.”


“Ren! It’s important to decline if it’s troublesome! You want to return to Eclair soon, right!?”


“Naofumi-sama, you’re too desperate,” Raphtalia sighed.


“If it’s Eclair, she may blame me for coming back without returning the favors Siltvelt gave us. I would love to help.”


Tch! That reminds me, Eclair is a knight who wanted to be in harmony with Demi-humans, huh.


“Itsuki-sama, let’s repay the kindness of Siltvelt’s people together!” Rishia exclaimed.


“I understand.” He responded.


Damn you, Rishia! I just thought to change my target to Itsuki, but she got him first!


Playing as a good girl, huh.




Oops, did it appear on my face? Damn, Rishia’s good at reading people’s expressions.


Well, she’s been plain lately, but she has the “Main Character” attribute.


“I know you don’t like this, but this is to prevent civil war too. And, I already made an agreement with Siltvelt to provide supplies for us. It won’t be a complete loss, so please calm down.” Raphtalia told me.


“This is really a hassle!”


“It’s the beginning of the ceremony of Naofumi-sama!” Atla exclaimed.


“I feel like this will be a suspicious parade…”


I strongly agree with Fohl’s lamentation.


Like this, we got cooperation from the heroes, and I have to attend a troublesome event that day too.


First is the parade in Silvelt’s Castle Town.


“Wasshoi! Wasshoi!”


They made me sit in a mikoshi-like chair covered with mysterious monster fur, and made me wear punk fashion clothes that they made me wear when I first came to Siltvelt.


If they felt a mysterious charm from seeing me wearing this just like what I felt from seeing Raphtalia… I will regret this…


… that reminds me, Raphtalia said before that my Barbarian Armor is cool…


Don’t tell me that the way I see Raphtalia in her miko outfit is the same way she sees me wearing my Barbarian Armor?




For some reason, Filo is also carrying the Shrine Portable in her Filolial form.


Gaelion is walking in front… why does he have a king-like aura?




By the way, Raph-chan is sitting on my lap. Only this, I can’t hand her over to anyone.


There is no opposition to animals, so I pushed it out as there was no problem.


But… I feel like we are doing an ancient Roman parade. How primitive is it?


By the way, I don’t want to make Raphtalia and Atla show up here due to political issues, so I was the only one sitting on the portable shrine.


Contrary to the Raphtalia parade, this time Raphtalia is wearing her miko outfit and walking next to me so that she can always protect me. Atla and Fohl also wore folk costumes, and Werner and Old Man Genmu were walking with them… hmm.


“Long live Sir Shield Hero!”


“Glory to Siltvelt!”




When I see the people who are waving the flag like that, I feel itchy.


Even in Melromarc, when I defeated the Three Heroes Church, I did something like a triumphant return parade, but it went pretty quickly.


Kinda late, but the Queen’s thought at the time was getting to my heart right now.


“Ren and Itsuki must be on their way,” I said.


The two obediently obeyed, hiding the fact that they were heroes while acting secretly.


I’m pretty envious.


It seems that Ren is kinda interested in Siltvelt.


When I asked for the reason why, he said it’s because it was a land that wasn’t implemented in his game.


I have to ask him about that in detail later.


Who knows, maybe Ren and Itsuki’s game knowledge could be useful for something.






Yup. As I thought, there is no doubt that Siltvelt is a much wilder country than Melromarc.


With that in mind, I was vaguely waving at the people with a friendly laugh on the portable shrine.


But… I don’t know if it’s better to say this or not, but when I think of a parade, I can only think about the assassination of the president of a certain country.


An attack during the parade … It happened in Q’Ten Lo, but it was immediately suppressed.


When I thought about it, sparks began to scatter on the meteor shield that I have deployed.


They really came as I thought, a group like that.


I pointed at the direction where they were coming from, and gave the order to dispose of the attackers.


They are like saying “it is just a portable shrine, attack!”


I can understand why the Queen’s vigilance made her use a carriage.


I kinda feel bad thinking that, while I was the one who made Raphtalia parade around in Q’Ten Lo.


In the first place, my defense can prevent most attacks.


However, they might be aiming to expose and eliminate this kind of disturbing people.


Like that, the parade of the day… was held in the castle town and a large neighboring town.


It took a long time before the sun went down and I was free.




“Sigh… I’m tired. I want to go back to the village now,” I said.


After the parade was over, we came back to Q’Ten Lo to retrieve the remaining villagers.


Raphtalia might be nervous here, but it’s kinda easing for me because it’s familiar, like a Japanese inn.


The Japanese atmosphere is quite relaxing for Japanese people.


Also, Q’Ten Lo is quieter at night than Siltvelt.


I stretched my legs on the tatami mat and lied down in a 大 pose. *大=Big.


“I had a wonderful time.”


“Thank you for your hard work.”


Atla and Raphtalia each called out to me.


Where did Filo, Raph-chan, and Gaelion go? They aren’t here now.


S’yne is still waiting in front of the room like usual.


… Is she sleeping? Her stuffed toy familiar isn’t moving either.


Fohl is standing near Atla, staring at me with his arms crossed.


Take Atla and go back to another room. I’m tired here.


“It’s depressing to think that I have to do this for a few more days.” I muttered.


“You made me do it every day, right?” Raphtalia asked me.


“Think about the number of times it’ll be held. I’ll have to do it many times a day until the Seven-Star Hero comes, you know?”


I don’t do anything, but I want her to understand the feelings of a person who is carried around on a portable shrine all the time.


“D- did you do something…?”


Q’Ten Lo’s former Heavenly Emperor… Raphtalia’s cousin came from the next room.


Oh yeah, he was under house arrest in Q’Ten Lo’s castle before I took him to the village.


“Do you know of the country named Siltvelt?” I asked him.


“If I remember correctly… I think it was Makina’s hometown.”


Ah yeah, it was.


“I have to attend a parade that worships me as the Shield Hero over there.”


I told Raphtalia’s cousin what the parade was about in Siltvelt.


“Hmm… it sounds fun!”


“Did you ever do one before?” I asked him.


“I have traveled around Q’Ten Lo for public affairs.”


“Then you understand, right? It’s a hassle,” I said.


“But I can’t look down on it because I’m a national citizen.”


This guy really has a high level of understanding.


He did make that proclamation about not harming living creatures, but he’ll grow out of it if we teach him.


Maybe this Makina never taught him properly.


He is an interesting resource if we’re able to teach him many things.


His potential qualities aren’t that different from Raphtalia, and he can also be a comrade who understands the charm of Raph-chan. I definitely want to propagate him.


Raphtalia is somehow blocking  me from spreading the good points of Raph-chan, so I definitely want this guy, who is likely to have the same sensibilities as me, to sympathize with me.


But … Raphtalia is here too. Even if I propagate him now, she’ll stop it, so I’ll stay silent for now.


“Okay, okay.”


However, I don’t like the feeling of being celebrated like I was the king.


I used to have some dreams, but then I got summoned to another world and those dreams disappeared within a few days.


“It’s a wonderful ceremony to show how wonderful Naofumi-sama is! Those who don’t participate will be punished!”


“Don’t say dangerous things. Fohl, you have to educate Atla properly,” I told him.


“Y- yeah!”


“Fohl-kun?” Raphtalia asked quizzically.


“It’s strange. Recently, you’ve been nodding a lot, huh,” I said.


“So Onii-sama has finally understood Naofumi-sama’s greatness, right?” Atla asked.




Fohl denied it pretty hard… I hope he really did mean that.


“I’m going to take a bath and go to bed. Atla, isn’t it early tomorrow?” I asked.


“I’m not sleepy! I want to talk more with Naofumi-sama!” Atla exclaimed.


“You see, he didn’t like it? He accompanied you yesterday and today, so let him rest,” Fohl ordered his sister.


“Aah! Onii-sama, let me go! I can’t let Raphtalia-san win!”


“Whatever, I’ll go to the bath,” I told them.


It’s okay to rest here, but now I want to hurry and take a bath and relax.


The reason why I can’t enter the baths in Siltvelt is in case I’m attacked again. Q’Ten Lo is far more modest.


“Atla-san. Of course I won’t let you invade the baths while Naofumi-sama is there, okay?”


“I will definitely defeat Onii-sama and Raphtalia-san and take a bath with Naofumi-sama!” Atla exclaimed.


Sigh… I wonder why a fight is being held depending on whether a girl will take a bath with me or not.


Hm, I think it is perfect to invite the Ren. Q’Ten Lo’s hot spring seems to be effective against curses.


I think Itsuki enters the bath with Rishia as a set.


She said it’s because she doesn’t know what’ll happen if she leaves him by himself, so she can’t take her eyes off of Itsuki.


“Then Raphtalia, I’m going to take a bath with everyone, please stop Atla,” I told her.


I said while pointing to Ren and Raphtalia’s cousin.


“I understand… but I’m a little tired of fights like this…” Raphtalia said.


“She won’t stop even if I tell her to. Maybe I’ll consider using Fohl to divert Atla’s aim from Raphtalia.”


There was a bath when I went to Atla and Fohl’s birthplace.


It was a slightly wider bath.


Atla entered the bath after I got out, which made her a little quieter.


“Fohl. Are you prepared to be resented by Atla for real? I think it’s enough to have the fact that we washed each others’ back in there.” I said to him.


“Uh, I don’t want to hear that temptation!” Fohl exclaimed.


Is it my imagination, or did he seriously consider it just now?


Things happened, and that’s why I invited Ren and Raphtalia’s cousin to take a bath.




“How is your curse?”


While taking off my clothes in the dressing room, I asked Ren.


“I think most of the curse has been lifted,” Ren said.


“Glad to hear that.”


I also checked the state of my body.


Yeah … it’s much better than when I came back from Kizuna’s world.


It seems unlikely that it will heal over time, but I feel that if you soak in a hot spring that works against curses, your body and emotions will recover much more quickly.


It’s been a while since then.


“I haven’t been to Cal Mira Archipelago again, but either you or Itsuki should consider going there.”


“You mean we have to learn something by reading the magic letters over there, right? I know.”


“Even though I say that, we can’t leave the village defenses down.”


“If we neglect peddling because there may be some attacks, it’ll also interfere with Melromarc’s money circulation. We have the duty of protecting them too…” I continued.


I completely leave problems around that part to Melty.


It’s difficult to decide which to prioritize.


Because a hero has to go, it’s a problem that appeared because I brought Itsuki.


Ren can’t swim, so it’s dangerous if an assailant attacks during the trip over. It seems that he’s trying to take swimming seriously though, so I can’t get angry at him.


And it’s my fault too for bringing Itsuki here.


In any case, if Ren went there while his understanding of magic characters is still suspicious, I think the entire trip besides registering the spot as a teleportation point would be pretty pointless.


It’ll take a day by ship… I’ll think about it later.


“Okay then, if we don’t take a bath quickly, Atla may break through Raphtalia and the others, so let’s do this fast.” I said.


“Y- yeah…”


Entering a hot spring with Ren… I think this is the first time since Cal Mira Archipelago.


But I didn’t invite him back then.


Then, I looked at Raphtalia’s cousin who has been silent since a while ago.


“You won’t enter?”


He’d already taken off his clothes and was ready to enter the bath.


Looking at this childish appearance and the ears and tail that are very similar to Raphtalia reminds me of Raphtalia when she was young.


He is a boy, but the reason why I think he seems cute is perhaps because I’m kinda influenced by Raphtalia?


“Ah, that’s right.”


Yeah, we didn’t come here to talk.


I headed to the washroom with Raphtalia’s cousin.


“I’m able to wash my back on my own recently!”


Before his Heavenly Emperor title got taken, he was treated as a spoiled rich boy and didn’t even know how to wash his own body.


After I told him to do things that his subordinates would normally do for him, he obediently started doing them by himself.


“Let’s wash each other’s backs!” Raphtalia’s cousin suggested.


“Don’t say something Filo would say…”


The children at the village sometimes make similar suggestions, but something like this is what I mean by children wanting to be spoiled.


“You don’t want to?”


“Well… we’re both men, so I think it’s fine.” I told him.


When I was talking about that, Ren was smiling gently like he was watching something heartwarming. So, I glared at him.


Then, he awkwardly diverted his sight.


“Let’s hurry and enter the bath.”






But, Raphtalia’s cousin sights… were aimed at my and Ren’s weapons.


“They call these spirit implements in Q’Ten Lo, right? This is a cursed weapon that you can’t remove even when you’re in the bath.” I told him.


“Y- yeah…”


It really is annoying. I at least want it to be taken off when we take a bath.


“Well, it’s okay as long as they’re stuck somewhere on our body, so it’s fine for the most part.”


Ren changed his sword into the smallest short sword he had unlocked before attaching it to his waist or the back of his hand.


I changed mine to a small-sized shield too. I was already used to it.


“Okay, just get in the bath.”


Like that, we headed to the hot spring, but…


“Oh my?”


… again, huh.


“Huh? Shildina?” Raphtalia’s cousin sputtered.




Ren saw Shildina in the hot spring and hurriedly hid, using the door of the dressing room as a shield.


“Yahoo~ Naofumi-chan~”


Moreover, Sadeena is using the hot spring too.


Why are the Orca siblings in the hot spring?


“This is a men’s bath, you know. In the first place, why are you two here?” I asked.


“Well, when I was trying to enter the castle, Shildina suddenly flew over the fence. That’s why I followed her. Onee-san is also surprised,” Sadeena said.


“You know that your little sister has a terrible sense of direction!”


“I thought it was a shortcut to the castle I use from time to time. I have no confidence in reaching the gate if I walk normally,” Shildina said.


“Believe in Sadeena, won’t you?”


Shildina looked at Sadeena for a moment, then she turned her eyes from her older sister.


Does she still have ill feelings towards Sadeena?


“Shildina, I think the way you mentioned is the opposite direction.”


Raphtalia’s cousin pointed towards the dressing room.


“It seems there’s a place where Shildina often appears, but that’s a dry landscape garden on the other side of here.”


When I narrowed my eyebrows and looked at Shildina, she was tilting her head.


“A good woman is also breathtaking. Naofumi-chan, since we’re already here, let’s enjoy a mixed bath together,” Sadeena said.


Link to image


“Don’t try to approach me the same way Atla does.”


By the look on Sadeena’s face, I think she already knew that this was the men’s bath.


“She didn’t stop me.”


Said Shildina while looking at Sadeena.


Ah, I see. She trusted Sadeena and jumped over the fence, and she ended up here in the men’s bath.


Then that means Sadeena jumped over the fence after listening to our conversation at the dressing room.


“Hmm~?” Sadeena tried to play dumb.


“So, you two have returned. That means the problems are already solved, right?” I asked them.


“Well, yes. We have delivered various punishments to the attackers from our homeland.”


Sadeena said like it was a given while raising a harpoon and a scepter with some gorgeous decoration.


“This is a weapon that has been passed down in my family for generations,” Sadeena said.


“I see…”


It looked pretty sharp.


The names of the Water Dragon’s Harpoon and the Scepter were displayed in my sight.


However, it seemed to be that they were pretty good items since I couldn’t see their abilities.


Well, it’s not my jurisdiction, so I can’t use it.


Both are in the long weapon category… Maybe they’re under the jurisdiction of Motoyasu, the Spear Hero.


I completely forgot about it until now, but we have to get Motoyasu on our side fast.


Just where and what he’s doing right now…  honestly, I don’t want to get involved with him.


“If you have time, come and see my hometown. The sea is very beautiful there.” Sadeena mentioned.




Even though Shildina is repulsed by her older sister, she agreed obediently.


“Q, Q’Ten Lo seems to have a good experience point efficiency, so it’s not a bad option, Naofumi.”


Ren replies kinda nervously while changing, I think it was because he was seen by Sadeena and Shildina.


Well, I can consider that option too.


“I want to show them our great achievements, and have them see our future partner.” Sadeena said.


“Po…” Shildina blushed.


“Don’t say creepy things like that, you two!”


Geez, these siblings… I can imagine their scared parents, trembling, being introduced to me… I don’t like that.


I’m not interested in that kind of topic, but I can’t stand it either.


Though I was the one who sent them to destroy their hometown, I feel a little sympathetic towards the people living there.


Well, they were a rotten countryside, and I think they learned a good lesson.


“So Shildina also likes Shield Big Brother?”


“Yes… when I went back to the village with Sadeena and went wild, I felt so refreshed. Also, the power of the water dragon came back to the village shrine,” Shildina said.


… after these two went around and destroyed their own hometown, the blessing came back… I kinda don’t like that.



“It seems like it stopped when we entered the country. Since there was opposition to Makina’s administration,” Sadeena said.


“The water dragon said that all of you weren’t wrong,” Shildina said.


“It seems like the water dragon won’t talk to anyone other than us for now. I think it’s a good lesson for the people in that village,” Sadeena said.


“So the water dragon will observe the village before it’ll change its mind?” I asked them.


“Right. Though, Shildina-chan will be working as the shrine maiden of the water dragon on a regular basis. We promised that much.”


Shildina seemed a little dissatisfied about that.


“Well, whichever it is, you’ll be staying at my place for a while.” I told them.


“Yes, I understand,” Shildina said.


“Now then,”


I put my hands on my hips, then said to the two people that were in the hot spring,


“I don’t feel like talking long in a place like this since I might catch a cold. So for now, get out of the hot springs. We haven’t gotten to go in yet.”


“Should I wash your body?” Shildina asked.




“Oh my?”


“You’re not going to have fun in the hot springs~? Let’s drink some alcohol~!” Sadeena started to exclaim.


“Go to the women’s bath and drink there all you want. Or you can help Raphtalia. Because Atla is probably rampaging now,” I told her.


“Oh~? Then maybe I will be on Atla-chan’s side I think,” Sadeena said excitedly.


“Don’t screw with me. Stop it!”


“Then, on the contrary of Sadeena, I will be on the side of Heavenly Emperor and Naofumi-chan,” Shildina said.


“Well said. That’s a good choice.” I told her.


“Oh my.”


Shildina suddenly left the hot spring and ran toward the dressing room.


Did she get motivated because I cheered for her just now?


“Oh, you want to earn points, Shildina-chan~? Onee-san won’t lose to you~!”


Sadeena winked at me, and left the hot spring.


Geez… I don’t know if those sisters are on good terms or bad terms.


“Women come out of the men’s bath… In the first place, women enter the men’s bath…”


Muttered Ren who came out of the dressing room.


I can’t think of him as the guy who pretended to be cool and was aiming for lucky lewds happening before.


“You shouldn’t think about it too deeply. Okay, let’s go wash our bodies.”


“Yeah!” Raphtalia’s cousin replied excitedly.


I rushed Raphtalia’s cousin to draw hot water into a tub and make him sit on a chair.


I feel like I heard a noisy sound from outside the dressing room, but I don’t care.


Since whenever Filo enters the hot spring, she jumps over the fence quite often to play.


“I think it’s fun because it’s pretty lively here… but you sure didn’t get surprised about this, Naofumi,” Ren said.


“… I got used to it. I feel a bit sad about that though.”


When I was chatting like that, I noticed that Ren was staring at the fence.


“At least don’t plan on getting the lucky lewd happenings that you had on Cal Mira Archipelago.” I told him.


“I wouldn’t do something like that!”


“I wonder about it. You had to sit in a seiza position as punishment that time, right?”


“… Sure, I had a little motivation to do it back then.”


You admitted it quite honestly, huh.


“At that time, it’s true that I thought I was the strongest in the world, and I was confident that I could surpass Naofumi and the other heroes.”


“Don’t keep talking too much about negative things. I just said that you planned to get lucky lewd happenings before.”


I pointed in the direction of the women’s bath.


With the blessed stats, jumping over the fence would be an easy thing. I think peeping would be very possible.


But, I don’t want him to make extra trouble.


Raphtalia’s cousin lathered soap and smeared it on a towel before beginning to wash his body.


I started to wash my body too.


“Keep away from that fence as much as possible, so that you don’t suffer any extra troubles,” I said.


“That’s… true.”


“I think you already know this, but I’ll say it again. Don’t do things that will make you untrustworthy,” I told Raphtalia’s cousin.


“Yeah, I’m aiming to be a sincere man.”


“Do your best. Okay then, I’ll wash the foam.”




Just like that, I finished washing Raphtalia’s cousin. Since he’s straightforward, it’s not hard to take care of him.


I feel like Raphtalia has a younger brother and I’m taking care of him.


We finished washing our bodies and entered the bath.


By the way, while I was taking a bath, it seems that the fight between Atla and Raphtalia got pretty heated up.


And the next morning.


Taking Shildina and Raphtalia’s cousin, we returned to the village of Lurolona in Melromarc. Of course, together with Raphtalia and Sadeena too.


“Ah, Bubba Shield and the others have returned!”


Keel found us, and ran up to us.


“Bubba, how did it go? Did you guys win?”


Reacting to Keel who was approaching while waving her tail, Raphtalia’s cousin seemed a bit scared while peeking from behind me.


“There’s a child that looks similar to Raphtalia-chan!” Keel exclaimed.


“Yes, he’s Raphtalia’s cousin. He still doesn’t remember much of Merlomarc’s language yet, so you can teach him,” I told her.


“N- nice to meet you…”


“My name’s Keel! Let’s get along from now on!” Keel exclaimed happily.


“Y- yeah. You look just like S’yne-san’s stuffed animal.”


Well, he’s not wrong. Since Keel is the model.


“By the way, this loincloth pup is a girl.” I told Raphtalia’s cousin.






Raphtalia’s cousin was surprised by what I said, and Keel made a fuss like she was woofing at me.


I wonder if she was still dreaming about becoming a man. I think her puppy form is pretty far away from being a male though.


“And…” Keel looked at Shildina.


“Oh my?”


“Who’s this person that looks similar to Sadeena-nee-chan?”


“She’s Onee-san’s little sister. Her age is about the same age as everyone, so get along with her, okay~?” Sadeena said.


“Because she has a terrible sense of direction, she’ll disappear suddenly if you don’t guide the way properly.” I told her.


“Eh? Really?” Keel asked.


“Oh my…”


Shildina nodded apologetically. I can understand her, but she still can’t speak properly. She needs to study too.


“Well, she also has a lot of trouble like you all, so don’t snoop on her too much and try to get along with her,” I said.




Everybody in the village nodded together, Shildina and Raphtalia’s cousin shyly joined them.


“Since she’s Sadeena-nee-chan’s little sister, you must be amazing!” Keel exclaimed.


“I won’t lose to Sadeena. I will win at anything.”


“Oh! Then what shall we play?” Keel asked.


“You guys can play, but do your work too,” I said.


“I knew that~!”


“Phew… we were finally able to return to the village,” Raphtalia said.




If I think back about it, it was a very long trip.


I never dreamed such a riot would occur, even though I only wanted to make Raphtalia wear the miko outfit.


Though I say that, I can’t stay in the village too long.


There are a lot of problems that I have to deal with after this, but I’ll take a break for the time being, then clean up the rest later.


“Naofumi-sama, if you don’t go to Siltvelt early, you won’t be able to finish today’s official duties.” Atla reminded me.


“Ugh… I know.”


There are things I have to do in Siltvelt too.


It will take awhile before I can stay in the village for a long time.


At least, I have to talk to the Seven-Star Heroes of Siltvelt.


And I have to calm down the people there too.


Sigh… it’s such a hassle.


“S’yne, we’re not blocked by Q’Ten Lo’s barrier, you can relax a bit.”


S’yne, who had been quietly accompanying us until now, nodded silently.


When she was in Q’Ten Lo, I let her be my guard anytime she liked.


I think she was working too much though, because I saw her asleep in the middle of it before. I want to let her rest. It seems like she wanted to protect me… I mean, the heroes.


Maybe it’s because the forces of her nemesis are wandering somewhere in this world.


“Then I’ll take a short break in the village. Please don’t do anything crazy, Naofumi-san.”


A keel-shaped stuffed animal spoke for S’yne, and after bowing, she left.


Well, if something happens to me, she will come to me with a transfer, so I want her to take a rest for now.


“Does Shildina-chan like card games?” Keel asked.




“Then, let’s play!”


Like that, the slaves started playing a card game brought by Shildina in the village square.


I hope she can remember the language here while playing.


“Alright, let’s get to work.” I said.


To be honest, I’d like to keep training and raising our level to face the next enemy, but because there is work that has to be done, I’ll work on that first.




“We’re doing wasshoi wasshoi today too!” Filo exclaimed.


Filo was happily posing as a portable shrine carrier.


Was she not going to meet Melty?


“Ah… Then, Naofumi, shall we go?” Ren asked.


“Sigh… you’re right.”


We teleported back to Siltvelt with Ren’s portal skill.


[*Paragraph Break]


As usual, I’m being forced to do parades in Siltvelt.


With this, how many towns have we visited so far today?


Including the towns registered by Ren and Itsuki, and if I run with Filo, we can move in a pretty wide area.


Or rather, it’s a bad idea if we have to move to the neighboring town as it is.




So lazy… and it’s more sad that it’s uncomfortable to ride in that portable shrine.


I don’t get sick, but I get lazy the more time that passes.


I feel like I’m being taken around like an idol… I’m getting tired of it.


“Yes, Sir Shield Hero. This town is–”


Like that, they explained the town’s specialties and history.


Raphtalia was told something similar in Q’Ten Lo.


Seems like Ren and Itsuki also heard from their subordinates and comrades while traveling in Melromarc.


This time, it’s a town to the south of Siltvelt. I heard it’s a town that also trades with Shieldfreeden.


I wonder how many times Itsuki and Ren have to teleport.


I heard later that they were rushing to secure a portal by riding and getting off dragons prepared by Siltvelt. It’s the same as how they got close to the Spirit Turtle before.




Then, there was an unpleasant stone monument or an old burial mound in front of my eyes.


A facility like the one the Tyrant Dragon Rex, the Orochi, or another such monster was likely to be sealed.


Raphtalia also noticed my gaze and squinted her eyebrows.


After all, we feel like we have an idea.


“What is that?” I asked just to be sure.


“You have good eyes. That’s our town’s, no, it’s a burial mound that seals the monster that exists in Siltvelt folklore.”


“Another burial mound, huh…”


“The folklore says that an evil monster that took advantage of the four great races in the past is sealed here.”


“An evil monster, huh…”


That makes me remember what happened in Q’Ten Lo.


Well, the poisonous woman who was nestling in Q’Ten Lo also came from Siltvelt.


“What kind of folklore was it?” I asked.


Let’s check it just in case.


After Q’Ten Lo did an investigation, there was a folklore about what kind of monsters were sealed there.


Makina said that the folklore of each place should be abandoned and we should look to the future, but they weren’t easily disposed of.


“That’s… because many people don’t know what was sealed in the past wars.”


Just what the hell was it!?


“Well… it’s also because of the civil war in Siltvelt and the war with Melromarc…”


“Yeah yeah.”


“However, please be assured, there are some descriptions left.”




“Do you need detailed materials? We could arrange for Sir Shield Hero to see it as soon as this parade is over.”


“Then, please do that. I want to check the materials before I depart.” I said.


As a result of putting off the facilities under this thing, I have often experienced troublesome problems such as the seal getting undone.


While I was thinking that, I continued the parade.


“And, though I asked you to get the materials…”


When I asked the noble in the town, he brought the materials and started explaining like they had collected them in a hurry.


“Yes, it’s here.”


“Then, read it for me,” I ordered.


“Since it’s a good opportunity, why don’t I explain in front of the ruins?”


“… okay. I want to find out what it is too, after all.”


It would be easy to find out if Rato or Sadeena was here… but I can just send them to do it later.


Was it possible to investigate to some extent using Way of the Dragon Vein?


The accuracy isn’t high, but I can use it a little, so maybe I could understand what it was a little.


Atla is blind, but she has a strong ability to see that kind of thing.


That’s why we moved back to the burial mound that we passed by.


A nobleman in the town, like a guide, began to explain while opening his palm to the burial mound.


“There are many stories in the old materials of the town, that the identity of a person close to the person in power at the time was a monster, and it’s said that this stone monument also sealed the monster.”




A seal of a monster… It’s more like a spirit turtle’s familiar and the heart, Ost, came to my mind.


She also said that she was planning such a thing with her own mouth.


Then maybe there are other monsters that are working to protect the world like her.


In a sense, Ost was a villainess who had taken in a country. I think disguising as a beautiful woman is a pretty popular strategy.


“In other words, did the people in the past seal the monster that tried to take over Siltvelt?” I asked.




“I hope it’s a good person like Ost… though, we can’t afford to make any more sacrifices.”


“If possible, I don’t want to meet it.” Raphtalia said.


I don’t want to face an experience like that again.


Originally, we were Ost’s enemies. And from our point of view, the Spirit Turtle was supposed to be defeated as an evil to be a sacrifice to this world.


Ost didn’t want sympathy.


I think not sympathizing with another person that is similar to Ost is for Ost’s sakes too, huh.


“I don’t like if there are other monsters besides the Four Havenly Beasts that are sleeping to counter the Waves… or if the rest of the Four Heavenly Beasts… Kirin or Oryu are sealed in here, that’s not good. There are other burial mounds too, so we have to investigate them.”


I can’t tell if it’s good or bad, but I have a clue about the monsters with “four” in their name.


“Melty-chan and the Queen told me where the Phoenix is. I think Siltvelt also knows,” Raphtalia said.


“I don’t know if they’ll be useful, but I’ll ask Ren and Itsuki,” I said.


“Onii-sama, is there any way to get Naofumi-sama’s interest with old tales? There was a story that you told me about a vicious monster that was taken by an authority, right?” Atla asked.


“It’s a story of a country different from Siltvelt, a story of a fox with nine tails.” Fohl said.


“The nine-tailed fox… well, I think it’s not strange if a story like that exists,” I said.


The nine-tailed fox must be more famous than the Spirit Turtle.


Sesshoseki legend is pretty popular. As for the beautiful woman who gets into the hands of the powerful, there are names like Tamamo-no-Mae, Daji, and Lady Kayou.


After playing many games, it’s a story that you’ll know even if you don’t like them.


“Um~! There’s a cool story about music, right? Filo has heard of it!”


“Yeah, since Heroic Tales are sometimes sung by bards. So you’re not wrong.” I told her.


They’re often made as hints in a game. Well, it was just a game, though.


“Can we continue the story?”


“Yeah,” I replied.


The town nobles who were waiting for our chat to end continued the story.


“In the past, it is said that a traveler who flowed from the east found out the true identity of the monster that nestled in Siltvelt. The traveler chased the fleeing monster and sealed it here.”


“East, huh…”


I looked at Raphtalia.


Rather, it feels like everyone who accompanied me saw her at the same time.


The east from here means it was from the direction of Q’Ten Lo.


“Isn’t it Raphtalia-san’s ancestor?” Atla asked.


“Is the hero of the story the ancestor of Aneki?”


Fohl’s envious gaze was directed at Raphtalia.


It looks like Raphtalia is laughing a little bitterly.


“… It’s possible. Then we may know how to seal it, and I think we can strengthen the seal too.”


While Raphtalia said so, she puffed her tail and put out her hand as she approached the burial mound.


“… Huh?”


“What’s wrong?” I asked.


“There’s nothing here. Not even a seal. This mound has nothing here.” She said.


“Hm? Is that so? Atla, you can feel things that can’t be seen by the naked eye, right? Go and investigate with Raphtalia.”


“I understand!”


This time, I also used the Way of the Dragon Vein and life energy to see the tomb.


Okay. There’s no particular evidence of any seal or monsters. It just looks like it only by its appearance.


At least, I felt that way.


“I think the seal has existed pretty long ago in the past…” Raphtalia said.


“Do you know how long ago?” I asked her.


“I’ve been able to see things like this only recently, and I haven’t seen that many, so I can’t say for certain, but at the very least, it wasn’t recent,” Raphtalia said.


Hmm… It’s not that accurate, but it’s been a long time since the seal was broken.


Was the seal undone and the monster exterminated, or maybe the seal was broken instead?


“I wish there was something like an inscription,” I muttered.


“At first glance, there are none. It could have helped Naofumi-sama if there were heroes’ writings,” Raphtalia said.


“You’re right.”


Anyway, I’m glad that it didn’t lead to any big trouble.


“According to those who have traveled the world, such facilities are scattered all over, so if you have any concerns, should we investigate them?”


“I don’t think it’s a good idea to poke a bush and call a snake…” I said.


In the case of Q’Ten Lo, it seems that the sealed monsters and the dragon vein were connected to strengthen the seal and maintain the barrier, but in the case of the Siltvelt seal, it may have been an on the spot seal.


However, it’s creepy that the existence of a monster disappeared without anyone noticing.


Did the monster move as soon as the seal was broken without people realizing it?


“So what is the folklore that was being told?” I asked.


“There are some variations, but they said the monster that sleeps in this burial mound was a cat monster…”


Is it something like Nekomata?


“Travelers’ folklore is also spread both inside and outside Siltvelt, so it might be a good idea to investigate it.”


A traveler from Q’Ten Lo…


To think she did such a thing as sealing a monster that got into the Power of the State, it seems that Raphtalia’s ancestor was quite violent outside of Q’Ten Lo, huh.


Well, it may have happened while she was dispatched as a stopper of heroes.


“Naofumi-sama, the time for the next parade is approaching,” Atla said.


“Okay, okay. Then let’s get going.”


Like that, while investigating a dubious burial mound in Siltvelt, we resumed the parade.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 14.5

The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 14.5

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Naofumi and his friends are in a Drama CD! Naofumi is worried about Raphtalia’s busy life, so he proposes to walk around the castle for a break. On the way, Naofumi and his friends discover an old map in Raphtalia’s father’s room and decide to explore the place marked on it.   The Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2 are in the form of a Drama CD and Chapter 3, 4 and the Epilogue are in the form of a novel


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