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Shield Hero V14.5 Epilogue

Suspicion of the Seven-Star Heroes

Suspicion of the Seven-Star Heroes


There seems to be some reason why all the Seven-Star heroes haven’t come to see the four Holy Heroes.


Anyway, I just understood that I should pay close attention to the Seven-Star Heroes.


“Maybe the Claw Hero is no longer alive in the world,” I suggested.


“That’s… impossible. There’s a device in Faubley that can tell if the heroes are alive or not,” Werner said.


Oh yeah, the Queen of Melromarc talked about that before.


Is he alive?


“In any case, pay close attention to the behavior of the Seven-Star Heroes. That nine-tailed fox… is likely to have been granted a blessing by a Hero.” I said.


The high effectiveness of the Sakura Stone of Destiny weapon means there is a possibility that the bonus provided by the hero’s blessing was neutralized.




I was petting Raph-chan who was sitting on my shoulder.


“Thanks to Raph-chan, I was saved.”


Without Raph-chan, I would have been fooled by illusions like the Atla and the others by this time.


If that happened, would Raphtalia be able to compete alone?


“Seems like it has become a big deal.”


Sadeena was looking at the castle town from the destroyed castle wall.


“Yeah. In any case, I think we need to build highly resistant illusion equipment. I wish I could have more Raph-chans,” I said.


“Rafu? Rafu Rafu!” (Raph-chan)


“I would like you to avoid that idea if you can, but… I can’t deny how useful that’d be because of what just happened.” (Raphtalia)




It was also helpful that S’yne rushed in to help us.


“That woman wasn’t an acquaintance of yours, right S’yne?” I asked her.


I have to confirm just in case, and S’yne nodded.


Apparently it’s a problem from this world.


But what was the purpose of that nine-tailed fox?


… no way I can get the answer now.


And I still don’t know what happened to the Claw Hero.


It’s doubtful whether the Seven-Star Heroes can be trusted or not.


Whether this information is useful or not, I’ll have to see.



“Anyway, I tried to meet Siltvelt’s Seven-Star Hero and this is what I got… this was all completely pointless.”


The plan to ask for the Claw’s power-up method and get stronger was all gone in vain now.


Ah, geez… I have to go back to the village and prepare for the next battle.


Either way, we’ll have to settle things with that nine-tailed fox someday.


Just like that, a new problem came to light.


After that, we decided to hurry and go back to the village.


Geez… I sighed while wondering how many troublesome problems were going on in this world.


The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 14.5

The Rising of the Shield Hero Volume 14.5

Score 10
Status: Completed Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
Naofumi and his friends are in a Drama CD! Naofumi is worried about Raphtalia’s busy life, so he proposes to walk around the castle for a break. On the way, Naofumi and his friends discover an old map in Raphtalia’s father’s room and decide to explore the place marked on it.   The Prologue, Chapter 1 and 2 are in the form of a Drama CD and Chapter 3, 4 and the Epilogue are in the form of a novel


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