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Shield Hero V11 SS1

What If I Faced Motoyasu, who’s Standing In Front Of The Inn, without Running Away…

What If I Faced Motoyasu, who’s Standing In Front Of The Inn, without Running Away…


“You Pigs shouldn’t be oinking! Go away!”


“P- pig!? What are you saying all of a sudden!?”


… That woman-loving Motoyasu was cursing at a woman.


I peeked a little, but that woman is pretty good looking…


“What should we do? We can’t get out because of that.”


“Filo, take responsibility and do something about Motoyasu–“




What should I do? That Motoyasu seems to be persistent. However, I feel that even if I run away here, it won’t be a good thing.


“We’re not running away?”


“It seems that running away won’t do anything.”


“That’s right, but…”


For the time being, I need to talk to him a little more. Like… I want to believe he’s just excited because he found a new lease on life thanks to Filo.


“Filo, what’ll happen to your carriage if we use the portal here to escape?”


“Uh…! Filo will put up with it!”


Do you hate him that much?


Yeah, she definitely doesn’t like him.


“Then, is it alright for Motoyasu to rub his cheek on the carriage and lick it?”


“What is that phrasing?!”




Oh, she definitely doesn’t want that to happen.


However, since Motoyasu called her “Filo-tan”, that isn’t impossible.


“Are you crazy? Calling people pigs!”


“Don’t oink at me! You smell like a pig! So, this inn lets pigs stay as guests?!”


“Huh!? I don’t understand what you’re saying!”


From outside, I could hear the woman walking away, and Motoyasu became quiet. Did the turmoil end with the woman’s escape?




“Release father-in-law and Filo-tan, you Tanuki pig!”


Motoyasu resumed hitting the door of the room.


I really don’t want to deal with him. How did this happen?!


“Alright then! Let’s go, Filo!”




I make up my mind and open the door.


“Oh! Father-in-law, you’ve been released from the Tanuki pig’s captivity!”


“I’m not in captivity!”


Then, Motoyasu jumps at Filo who sees a terrifying appearance beside me.






“Air strike shield!”


Motoyasu slams his face against the shield I deployed and is blown away.


“Filo-tan. I was healed by your sun-like smile! Please go out with me!”


“No! I won’t give you my carriage!”


Filo is no longer showing anything except refusal. However, this is the same situation as before.


I don’t know if the logic can be understood, but there’s no choice but to discuss it.


“Hey Motoyasu, Have you always jumped in front of  women when trying to court them? What did you do when you captured your heroines before?”


“Hero…ine? What is Naofumi-sama saying? And what is that theory?”


I ignored Raphtalia’s point at the moment.


Motoyasu suddenly gasped at my words, and came back to his senses. Then he replied,


“That’s right. So far, I was just confessing to Filo-tan as I like. I’ll certainly capture Filo-tan’s heart!”


Is it okay to say such a thing in front of Filo herself?


Before I can point that out, Motoyasu squeezed his hair, posed with a rugged look, and reached out to Filo.


“I fell in love with your wonderful feather color. Please be my lover.”


“Noo! The spear guy said that Filo’s feathers were crap!”


“Still Filo-tan. I love you!”


Then Motoyasu jumps in again, and Filo uses me as a shield… Hey.


A big man’s tackle really gives me goosebumps.




When Raphtalia comes forward as a support, Motoyasu distorts his face.


“Move, Tanuki pig! Father-in-law and Filo-tan are in trouble because of your monopolistic desires!”


“Who is the Tanuki pig!”


And with those words, something similar to murderous intent awoke inside of Raphtalia, causing her to slam into him with her scabbard.


Oh… the wooden floor is broken.


Motoyasu is stuck on the floor.


“Thank you, Onee-chan!”


It’s unusual to see Filo grateful to Raphtalia.


“… How do I put this… it’s a very rare experience to be thanked by Filo.”


I think so too. The two of them are certainly on good terms, but they’re never this open with each other.




Motoyasu lifted his face from the floor, regained his posture and looked at Raphtalia.


“Oh my! You are Filo-tan’s older sister!”




What is he saying after he insults her by calling her a pig?


Then, Motoyasu kneeled and grabbed Raphtalia’s hand like what he was doing with Filo just a while ago.


“Onee-san, you are in a good mood and oh so beautiful today. Please have this Motoyasu in your care.”


“I’m not in a good mood! And… what is wrong with you?!”


Wow, he changed his attitude pretty fast. Maybe he recognized Filo and Raphtalia as siblings, and tried to get Raphtalia’s approval?


Well, both of them are like my daughters from my viewpoint… but I wonder if love could change a human’s attitude so much?


In a sense, I’m impressed with Motoyasu.


Now, what should I do?


Conclusion: Motoyasu; a man madly in love, … I don’t know how far he will go.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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