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Shield Hero V10 SS2

The Fate That Alcohol Leads To

The Fate That Alcohol Leads To


You can just devote yourself to someone who can beat you in a drinking competition and everything will be solved, right?’

I wonder how long it’s been since someone told me that?

Because I– this Big Sis who goes by the ring name Nadia– used Drifa Thunderbolt, today’s opponent was completely demolished.

My real name is Sadeena, but in Zeltoble, I don’t want to stay in my therianthrope form nor get my real name known by the people.

“Winner: Nadiaaaaaa!”


I wonder how much money I got from the matches today. Well, I think I will celebrate my victory, as the tournament this time is almost over too.

Back in Melromarc, not only the villagers… I couldn’t even be there to protect those ‘people’ closest to me (Raphtalia’s parents).

Because of the wave, the nobles who sided with the demi-humans also went to defend themselves. It didn’t take long before I, who can’t make an unreasonable request to them, ended in Zeltoble.

I have a mission.

To accomplish that, I didn’t have time to choose a method. While I’m working as a mercenary, I made a deal with a merchant and put a bounty to buy the children of that village.

Since telling the names won’t be useful, I can only tell them the rough descriptions.

Even though that ended up raising the village’s children’s price, I successfully gathered some of them.

Now, I have to find Raphtalia-chan who has a high chance of still being alive.

I heard that she was still doing her best to smile and encourage everyone, despite having lost her parents.

Enough… you don’t have to put up with that anymore…’ I want to tell her that and hug her.

“Oh yeah, I heard this rumor. It seems like the slave hunters who hunt the demi-humans from that village to sell them at high price, are caught and sold as slaves.”

Rumors without any clear roots are making their rounds among the mercenaries. Well, the truth is suspicious. Especially since the village is now abandoned. It’s true that the village was built in friendship with Siltvelt, so perhaps Siltvelt would have paid a bounty.

“I heard Shield Hero was the one who caught them. The god of demi-humans really gives divine punishment to them.”

“Speaking of which, yesterday, I heard the reason why the slaves of Lurolona villages are sold high is…”

When they were talking, a mercenary came and sat in front of me with a loud sound.

“Hey, Nadia! Let’s have a match!”

The mercenary challenged me to a duel without my consent.

Apparently he seems eager to do naughty things to me.

Really… What do you think I am? My ass isn’t that cheap, okay?

That’s why I will say the usual line.

“Hmm~ If you can beat me in a drinking competition, then it’s okay.”

“Now you’ve said it! I’ll win and eat you up until there’s nothing left!”

Yes… My ideal is someone who can drink alcohol better than me. That’s why I have always been searching for a person who can, so this all can stop. However, the ideal person who can make me happy is the one who has the capacity to make everyone happy… since I have no qualification for being happy alone. Rather, I’m better suited to being a mistress.

A lot of alcohol and mugs were brought in, and I started drinking with a mercenary tonight as well.

“Glug… glug! Pwah! Hey, hurry up and drink~”

“Ugh… I’m still far from done!”

I drink the poured alcohol again, and my opponent also drinks.


“H- how is that!? Urgh…”

Rattle. My opponent for today got drunk before I could.

“Well~ Still weak as usual~! Is there anyone who can beat me~?”

He’s no match at all.

I will devote myself if there is someone who can beat me.

“There is no way someone can beat Nadia!”

“Yeah, that’s right!”

“Wow, that was a good match to watch!”

After receiving money from the loser, I stood up. After everyone enjoyed watching the match, they were satisfied and left.


If there is really a destined person for me, I wonder if he will really help me.

That weapon merchant, I bet he is also involved in why the village children’s price was raised. Moreover, he ordered a match-fixing at the next Coliseum match… But if I go against him, he will probably sell the village children by force.

… Really, I wish someone would come to help me.

I’m frustrated, so I picked a Lucor fruit that is lined up on the counter and licked it. It makes me dizzy.

“Na- Nadia!?”

The Master who has known me for a long time is also surprised at this outrageous act.

For the time being, I’m sure that there is no such thing as a destined person for me. If I had time to fantasize about my destined partner, I should look more at reality!

“Don’t surprise me like that. You have a match tomorrow, and I’m betting on you.”

Among the people who have a blue face to my outrageous act, there is a person who didn’t move his eyebrows while watching the match… looking bored.

He isn’t interested at all?

“Oh? Did you watch the match?”

I tried to talk and make him dead drunk with alcohol, but he drank them like he was drinking plain water.

I wonder if it is a foreeen or not, the expectation that I should have already thrown away, comes rushing back.

I wonder if I should make him eat Lucor fruit?

If he faints, I have to hurry to take care of him. But it seems like I can enjoy it for a while… right?

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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