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Shield Hero V10 SS1

Around The Time Naofumi Learned About Keel’s Gender In The Village… Kizuna And The Others Are…

Around The Time Naofumi Learned About Keel’s Gender In The Village… Kizuna And The Others Are…



“What is it, Glass?”

I was just casting the beautiful lure that I bought from Naofumi, by tying it to the best fishing rod I had. The feeling of spinning the reel is irreplaceable. It really thrills my heart.

“Please try and limit the time you spend fishing.”

Despite having never complained about that in the past, Glass, who’s usually very serious, interrupted me while I was engrossed with my fishing.

“What’s the problem? I’m just relaxing a bit.”

“You’ve been fishing non-stop since Naofumi returned to his world. You can’t talk your way out of this one.”

“That’s right, Kizuna lass. Even Ethnobalt isn’t always free.”

Ethnobalt’s ship is really convenient. It can get you to a destination in an instant.

“But we need fish that can be used as material for making the Soul-Healing water that Naofumi transcribed for us, right?”

Before Naofumi and his friends returned to the world that summoned him, he had transcribed the recipe for the medicine. That’s why I’m fishing right now.

“But you got angry when we tried to catch fish using a cast net. When we tried using skills as well.”

“That’s a wicked way. I won’t allow it!”

Fishing is a dialogue with the world, a one-on-one game against fish. Imagine using a net to sweep them all at once and ruin the game, insanity! Furthermore, using skills to blow them away is outrageous!

“Returning to the topic at hand, you’ve only been fishing since Naofumi left.”

Hmm… I didn’t intend to do that though.

I shook the fishing rod to make the lure move and stimulate the fish’s appetite.

“Kizuna lass, at least stop fishing while you’re talking with people. You’ve been fishing for a while now.”

“Because there is this fish that Naofumi told me about! And the fish has near-distance species. Did you ever wonder what would happen if we used the Boss Fish as an ingredient for the medicine?”

“Well… it’s not like I’m not interested, but… just how many days has it been now?!”

“Since Naofumi returned… it’s been 3 days?”

I’m so engrossed in fishing, so I don’t really know.

“A girl that talks like a boy…”

Hmm? For a moment, it felt like Naofumi called to me from my memories.

“You called?” I tried to imagine answering back.

Then, unfortunately, I was yelled at with a face that was saying, “You think so? Well too bad, I didn’t call you!”

“Get out!”

“How cruel!”

Then, the Naofumi in my memory vanished into the dark. Why does such a delusion come into my mind? I feel like he also said, ‘Don’t play around and get to work!’.

(Above is reference right before “Keel in loincloth” illustration in Shield Hero Light Novel Volume 10. Yeah, they are connected somehow)

“You’ve been fishing for three weeks now!”

“Eh? Is that so?”

Everyone touched their forehead when they heard my words. When I think about it again, I may have spent a couple nights fishing…

Time sure flies when you’re too engrossed in something.

“It’s true that research is progressing, and we have some idea of how to mass produce the soul-healing water. But if you don’t stop soon, I’m going to retrieve the lure I returned to you.”

“Even though my dream of fishing the greatest Boss Fish in the world has yet to come true? Y- you can’t!”

“Won’t that lead the

world to peace!? Kizuna, today’s talk will be long.”

“So you have such ambitions… Kizuna Lass, you aren’t kiddo, but you should have a larger sense of urgency…”

Glass and L’Arc-nii-san scolded me with a stern look.

Ugh… it will be a long conversation when it comes to this…

While thinking that, the moment I’m about to pull the lure… The fishing rod has become more flexible than ever.


When I tried to pull it with all my strength, Ethnobalt’s Vassal Boat tilted greatly.

“Ki- Kizuna? What kind of thing is your lure stuck to?”

“Stuck? You’re wrong, this feeling… there is no doubt, it’s fiiiish~!”

I hooked my foot on the edge of the boat and spun the reel.


I feel like the deck is tilted as much as I put effort into it…

“Kizuna! Please release it!”

“No way! You want me to throw away the beautiful lure that I bought from Naofumi?”

“Please throw it away!” Glass answered at a faster speed than usual. I wonder if she is jealous of the lure?

Even if I don’t do that, Glass and I are still best friends. It’s just… There is a difference in priority order.

“I may not be Raphtalia-san, but I feel like you are thinking of something rude.”

“There is no way I’m thinking something like that~… uwah!”

When my prey took advantage of my momentary lapse and yanked as hard as it could, I almost fell out of the boat.

I suddenly look at the fish in the water.

Something is charging, crackling with electricity, and shining in the sea…? It looks like a shachihoko! *creature with the head of a tiger and the body of a carp

So there was such a monster like this? Maybe it is a new kind of monster?

“Kizuna! Ugh….. L’Arc, she can’t deal with this forever! Let’s go.”

“Yeah! Unlike Kizuna Lass who is doing her roundabout things, let’s kill it instantly!”

Glass and L’Arc-nii-san unleashed their skills toward the shining shachihoko.

Their attacks hit the shining shachihoko and made its movement slow down.

“Hey, that’s a wicked way! I’ll certainly fish it up, so you two stay back!”

I will definitely fish it up in a straightforward way!

I can’t let this prey escape!


Ethnobalt was watching the situation with half eyelids open.

“Sigh… For some reason, maybe Naofumi-san is the one doing his best for the world.”

With a very faraway look in his eyes, Ethnobalt’s mourn was heard by Naofumi who was in a different world…


The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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