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Shield Hero V12 SS1

The Ghost Story of Lulorona Village

The Ghost Story of Lulorona Village


“You see, this is the story of when I went to a haunted spot with my friends,” I began.

I was preparing for the next battle while developing an abandoned village that was my partner’s— Rapahtalia’s— hometown. However, one day the villagers said they wanted to do a test of courage at night, so we ended up doing it, despite my reluctance.

…At the beginning of the renovations, some of them were so shocked that they couldn’t sleep. But now they’ve recovered to the point where they wanted to have a test of courage. I can’t help but be amazed at the change.

“In the video that I took… with something like the recording crystal at that time… a strange blurry figure that looks like a person was recorded on it.”


Storytelling in dim light really gives off an eerie mood. The villagers also have a moderately frightened, but curious face.

“Well, that’s all for my story,” I said, “You guys, it’s okay to do a test of courage, but I won’t take responsibility if any of you can’t go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.”

“It’s okay, Nii-chan! Imiya-chan has good sight at night, and it’s also noisy because of the war between Atla-chan and Fohl-nii-chan, which usually lasts until late at night, so we won’t be scared!” Keel replied.

Anyway, with; soul eaters, spirits, spirits of the dead, and many other various monsters existing in this world, I just don’t understand getting scared with mere ghost stories.


… Raph-chan is a Shikigami in Kizuna’s world, and a Familiar in this world. If I put Raph-chan on my head… I can even see ghosts. Meanwhile, Raphtalia can even slash and kill ghosts.

“Yeah, yeah… then do your best and continue.”

“Then, it’s my turn!”

Keel stands up… but she doesn’t look scary at all since she’s in her loincloth puppy form.

“I could just barely see it, but in this village, everyone who died in the Waves of Catastrophe appeared as ghosts.”

Well… I heard that this village had become abandoned because of the damage the Wave caused, since a lot of people were cruelly murdered during it. So, her story is possible.

“So, I’ve seen… the ghost of a villager who died.”

With a rather serious look, Keel told everyone to gather their courage.

“Who is it?” A slave asked.


There are five slaves who leaned forward to hear the story. More than I thought there would be. What is this, a case of group psychology?

“In the middle of the night, from my window, I saw her walking through the village square, up to the house where we slept, and then disappear,” Said Keel, shivering as if from the cold. Did she get goose bumps? Even though she was the storyteller?

“Maybe she came back to the village and is looking for friends, to get rid of her remorse because she got murdered!”

I silently turned my gaze to Raphtalia, who was listening to the ghost story. I’m sure Raphtalia buried Rifana’s bones on a hill near the village, where you can see the sea.

“Or maybe she came back like ghosts on Obon Festival,” I said, explaining the Japanese custom to everyone.

“I see! So maybe the dead villagers sometimes came here to see the village!” Keel said with a cheerful tone.

For some reason, the ghost story changed to a friendly atmosphere, and we ended up holding a real test of courage. In the dark, we had to go visit the grave…

I’ll ignore the fact that Sadeena went on a rampage dressed in all black, having fun scaring the others…

Then, after the test of courage was over and everyone fell asleep… When I suddenly looked at the village square from my room, a pale figure came into my sight.

“Is that someone’s prank?”

“Um… Naofumi-sama…”

Raphtalia comes to the room.

“What?” I asked.

“In the square, that…”

“Oh, yeah. There’s someone I don’t know.”

“The ghost story Keel-kun was talking about earlier… Can I go check it out?”

Hmm… Keel said that she saw a ghost-like figure in her ghost story. If there is plenty of testimony, maybe we should investigate. That’s why we all left the house and chased after the figure.

“Is that the one?”

In the village at night, relying on the light, I squint and approach the ghostly figure. Then…


… It seems that Raph-chan was patrolling the houses of the slaves who had trouble falling asleep.

“Oh? Raph-chan?”

Just as I wondered what happened, Raph-chan leaned tilted her head and approached us.

“So the true identity of the ghostly figure is Raph-chan, huh.”


Perhaps, Raph-chan surprised and warned those who pretended to sleep, using illusion magic that she could use.

“Don’t surprise me like that.” As expected, Raphtalia is also slightly angry.

“That’s right. Raph-chan, you can’t play with illusion magic.”

Raph-chan herself is tilting her head like she doesn’t know what we are talking about.

“Sheesh… should we go home and go to sleep? I’m sleepy. Stop doing pranks, Raph-chan,” I said.

While looking at Raphtalia, Raph-chan tilted her head.

“But… Why was the ghostly figure identified as Rifana-chan?”

“Isn’t it because she is the scariest child if she appeared in ghost form?”

Ah, I’m so sleepy. It’s better to not do tests of courage nor storytelling of ghost stories.  We also visited the grave. If she appeared as an evil spirit, we can also take care of her so she can rest in peace.

While thinking of that, we returned to our house.


Raph-chan’s cry on that day strangely echoed in my ears. Well, I’m sure it’s just my imagination.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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