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Shield Hero V13 SS1

IF Series – What if Motoyasu rushed to the Battle with the Demon Dragon…

IF Series – What if Motoyasu rushed to the Battle with the Demon Dragon…


The Demon Dragon stood calmly in front of us, a glittering luster all over its body. “After I’ve come this far, you folks can’t stop me. Oh Shield Hero, you should supply your full power as a medium for me.”

Ugh… I always relied on the Wrath Shield in a tight spot. Now, that habit has turned back on me.

“I won’t let you, I say!”

There… I don’t know exactly from where, but I heard a voice that I didn’t want to hear.

“Mu, who are you!” The Demon Dragon turned his gaze in the direction of the voice.

There, on the cliff… stood Motoyasu, trying to act cool.

Again, huh… Did this guy purposely try and make dramatic entrances at the ‘right’ time?

“Motoyasu!? If you’re here at such a time, that means you’re going to help, right?” Ren asked.

“I see! Naofumi-sama’s certainly in a pinch, so it’s no wonder if he came to help as he did when we fought Ren-san!”

Because the Demon Dragon is controlling the flow of the battle, Ren and Raphtalia who are caught up in it are really expecting help from Motoyasu. Well, Motoyasu is probably the strongest of us because he’s already strengthened his weapons and uses cursed weapons.

I turned around and gave instructions. “Save your strength so that you can deal with whatever situation comes.”

“I understand Naofumi-chan.” Either way, it’s good if you can build up your strength to get a chance to attack. Atla most likely understood too, which is why she’s accumulating power now.

“I’m going, I say! Shooting Star Spear! Burst Lance! Oh? It’s hard. Then, here goes the Pile Lancer, I say!”

Motoyasu jumped high and released his skills while pouring down at the Demon Dragon. The last skill was his spear stabbing the Demon Dragon, but it also seemed that the spear itself pierced through slightly as if it were ejected, ripping off the Demon Dragon’s wing.

Is it a defense-rating skill or something?

“Gwaaah!? No- no way! He could break through my defense from the front…!? Is he a monster!?” the Demon Dragon shouted, but we agreed too.

“Okay then, this will be the end for you, I say!”

“Wait! That Demon Dragon has captured Naofumi’s companion, Filo!”

“What did you say!?” Motoyasu looked at me after he heard Ren’s sentence. I silently nodded.

Yes, even if we have all we need to hunt down the Demon Dragon and put a stop to it, we can’t do anything without saving Filo first.

“Hmm… Shield Hero. I thought I’d take power from you, but it seems like I’ve found a better medium.” The Demon Dragon that should have been driven to a corner turned his gaze on Motoyasu.

W- what is he going to do!?

“If you move, I can’t guarantee what will happen to the Filolial that I absorbed.”

“Ugh… that’s cowardly!”

Motoyasu has pledged absolute loyalty to Filo. So… he can’t move-in because he thought that something might happen to Filo?

But… a better medium?

“Don’t move, Spear Hero… If you do, I can’t guarantee what will happen.”

Saying that; the Demon Dragon restrained Motoyasu’s movement, extending something like a black mist to Motoyasu’s spear, clinging to it. Then, after a jarring noise, the scales of the Demon Dragon became sharp.

“Hahaha! What a great power! More powerful than the Shield Hero’s weapons that have no attack power. Power is flowing into my body!”

“Damn you!” Motoyasu yelled.

“So he traced Motoyasu’s power, huh?”

“Hahahaha! I say!” the Demon Dragon said.

‘I say?’

“W- what!? What’s happening!? I say!?” The Demon Dragon began to be confused by its own speech. “I’m the one who will monopolize Filo-tan, I say! What am I talking about, I say!?”

Did he panic? The Demon Dragon began to ask himself.

Like hell if I know!

“You must’ve been swallowed by Motoyasu’s curse!”

“W- what the!? I say!”

The tension went away pretty quickly.


The Demon Dragon held his chest and began to swell. The area around his chest looked like… something tentacle-like is wriggling.

“Filo is absorbed there, but it seems that something is happening. Like… she’s being raped by tentacles.”

“What! I won’t let that happen, I say!” Motoyasu rushed the Demon Dragon at tremendous speed and swung his spear.

“Ugh! Don’t approach me! Ugh… What a monster of lust! Ugh… Filo-tan is mine!” the Demon Dragon said.

“She’s my heroine, I say!”

“”I won’t give Filo-tan to you!”” said both of them.

The Demon Dragon and Motoyasu joined forces to scoop out the chest where Filo was captured and throw it away.

…Why is the Demon Dragon scooping out his own chest? Motoyasu and the Demon Dragon are making faces that seem to be satisfied after saving Filo from their lewd desires.

“Uuu… Masteeer…”


“Ah, Filo!”

“Gaelion, are you okay!?”

Filo, and somehow Gaelion too, crawled out of the lump of meat that the Demon Dragon had scooped out.

Anyway, we were able to rescue the hostages…

“What should I do?” Ren asked.

Just like Ren who was on the sidelines with a sigh, we could only see the Demon Dragon and Motoyasu.

“It’s the beginning of the second round, I say!”

“Yeah! I’m the one who will get Filo-tan’s love, I say!”

… It seems that the spirit of the Demon Dragon has been completely polluted by Motoyasu. They’re starting a battle to the death, but we’re completely out of the net. Does it mean that the winner monopolizes Filo?

Conclusion: Filo’s time of immense popularity has arrived!

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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