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Shield Hero V13 SS2

Filo’s and Melty’s Idol Activities

Filo’s and Melty’s Idol Activities


“Filo-chan, stooooop!”


After being deceived by Naofumi, I’m being forced to accompany Filo-chan who wants to raise her level. And now, we’re running through the fields and mountains.

(Tanooki Note: This side story takes place sometime after volume 12, chapter 10.)


On Filo-chan’s head, there is Raph-chan, Naofumi’s favorite familiar.

It’s not that I don’t understand Filo-chan’s reasoning and Naofumi’s circumstances. However, it is very annoying to be treated as a piece of convenient property by Naofumi. Of course, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to raise our level.

I am especially aware of the time I used cooperative magic that was powered mainly by Sadeena-san. I may be able to match the others in mental prowess, but my magic and abilities are lagging.

Higher… I understand that I have to raise my level higher.

“Tou~!” Filo-chan kicked the monster we encountered and killed it.

“Rafuu!” Raph-chan is making a victory on Filo-chan’s head. Both of them look really in tune to me.

“How was it, Mel-chan? Did you get experience points?”

“Yes, I got experience points! That’s why, please slow down!”

“I understand~” That said, Filo-chan didn’t stop running fast after that.


I don’t get motion sickness, but I’m tired of riding on Filo-chan’s back all the time…

We stopped by the city to get an inn and rest in a bar.

“Adventure with Mel-chan~ Go out with Mel-chan~”


Filo-chan and Raph-chan are too energetic… I think it’s amazing, but at the same time, I realize how strong Naofumi and the others are.

“Oh, he is singing a song~! Filo wants to sing too~”

Filo-chan approached the poet singing in the bar and started singing with him. Her singing voice was very clear and soothed everyone’s hearts. I know since sometimes Filo-chan sings to cheer everyone up in the city.

“Woaaah! Amazing! Please sing more!” The adventurers and townspeople in the bar are applauding and demanding an encore.

“Okay!” Filo-chan continued to sing in response to the encore calling. Should I teach her some songs too?

And so, we began such a journey…

But, on a certain day…


When she was dubbed  as the “singer of the flow” by the rumor mill, Filo-chan refused to sing when everyone was gathered at the bar, hiding behind me like a scared little girl.

“What’s wrong, Filo-chan?”

She was singing in front of everyone in a good mood every day for a few days, but suddenly she didn’t want to sing and started shaking in my shadow.

“Filo is not a spectacle…”

I looked at the people in the bar. I thought about the difference between this and the bars where Filo-chan had sung until now… and I guess it was the number of people.

The bar is so full.

I remember Naofumi telling me. Filo-chan was made a spectacle in another world, and she was almost pushed down by Sir Spear Hero in a bar in this world.

Is that why she’s afraid to sing in a crowded place?

“Then Filo-chan. Do you want to stop singing today?”

“I like singing, but I’m scared… If Filo sings, will Filo become a spectacle? Will someone jump onto me like Spear Guy did?”

After I heard her reply, I desperately stopped myself from laughing.

“It’s okay, Filo-chan.”


I walked up to the stage to invite Filo-chan to join me and asked the poet to lend me his instrument since I’ve played it before.

“Don’t worry about the audience. The people here aren’t looking at Filo-chan as a rare creature, they’re gathering to hear Filo-chan’s lovely songs.”

According to the story I heard from Naofumi, the reason why Sir Spear Hero jumped at her was that she sang and comforted him. Well, I’m sure Sir Spear Hero didn’t have the intent to interrupt that important song on purpose.

“If you can’t sing, you can just watch. Now… I’ll play the instrument so everyone won’t be disappointed.”

I winked at Filo-chan and started playing.

I played the tone in a dance-like rhythm, and rolled the sound like it was bouncing.

Awakening the magical power that sleeps in the instrument and responding to the magical power that floats in the air, it reminded me of the power of an ancient… mysterious song that cannot be called magic.

“Wooow! Mel-chan, it’s like the voice of the sea! Filo wants to sing too.”

Filo-chan got back to her usual self and started singing along with my performance. Eventually, after the performance… we came to our senses and looked around. It was a bit late, but I noticed there were many people gathered inside and outside the bar.

“Mel-chan, Filo… could sing!”

“Yeah. Are you not scared anymore?”

“Hmm… I don’t know.”

Little by little, the applause spread and turned into outright cheering. Raph-chan pulled out a hat from somewhere and accepted money from the audience. Is that Naofumi’s influence?

It was a journey that started suddenly, but right now, I felt that there was something more I could gain than just mere levels.

“We’re going home much stronger than we are now. Let’s show Naofumi what we can do!”



Like this, we continued our journey to become stronger. Though along the way, we were given the group name “Divas of the Heavenly Fowl.”

Naofumi, just you wait for us.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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