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Shield Hero V13 SS3

The Shield Hero’s Restaurant-closing Prevention Strategy…

The Shield Hero’s Restaurant-closing Prevention Strategy…


That day, I was eating at a restaurant that I stopped by with Raphtalia and Filo.

“It’s not delicious enough!”

“Ssst!” Raphtalia warned her.

Back when we were travelling and mostly peddling goods, I thought it would be good once in a while, so I entered a lonely shop that seemed to not be in good business compared to the prosperity of the neighboring shop.

(Tanooki Note: This side story takes place sometime around volume 2-3 when Naofumi’s name had not yet been cleared.)


A Restaurant Manager with dead eyes came to serve us.

“Welcome… Shield Hero!?”

The Manager with dead eyes spotted me in one shot. Yes, I was the Shield Hero who was persecuted for false charges.

“Good one for the last customer… It’s a lifetime coincidence. I will make it free today,” he said.

“You aren’t gonna poison us, right?”

“… Do you want to see the kitchen directly? I would never do that.”

The Manager went to the kitchen with a negligent attitude, so I watched the kitchen. We ate the rice that was brought in, understanding that there was no particular problem.

So, here comes Filo’s impression from before. “It’s not bad, and if it’s free, don’t say selfish things,” Raphtalia warned Filo.

A loud noise can be heard from the neighboring shop.

“You said we were the last customer, but is there any particular reason for that?”

“Yeah… it will just be me ranting for a bit, is that okay?” He says he knows me and gave me a meal for free, so it’s okay to hear him talk a little.

“I had been planning on opening a restaurant in this town for a long time, but a new restaurant opened next to me and we ended up competing.”

“I see, I see.”

“At one point, customers made a fuss about insects in their meals one after another… and all the regulars went away for fear of rumors.”


The Manager looked at the restaurant next door. Oh, maybe that restaurant was trying to crush this one. This situation reminds me of the false charge I received.

“That’s why you’ll close the restaurant and run away!? Don’t be ridiculous!” I hit the table with a loud sound and stared at the Manager, then turned my eyes to Raphtalia and Filo.

“First of all, wipe out the gloomy air of the restaurant. Open the windows fully! Raphtalia; place tables and chairs outside!”

“R- right!”

“Filo; call out and tell the passing customers, ‘The food here is delicious!’!”


I beckoned the Manager and headed to the kitchen.

Hmm… we have all the equipment, ingredients, and herbs to some extent. First of all… Maybe I’ll handle fish like eels, make kabayaki and sauce, and draw in customers with the smell. I can also use herbs to make spicy stir-fries or grilled skewers.

“First, I’ll steal the customers away from the restaurant next door. I’ll make the food smell good and you can help me with some magic.”

“I- I can use fire and wind magic!”

“Okay, that’s good.”

I started cooking while giving him instructions. He just stared at me with wide eyes as I cooked. “Look and remember, okay?” I told him.

The scent of kabayaki and the spicy scent of herbs stimulate the appetite of passers-by. Then, many customers gathered.

“After that, serve a meal with alcohol as appropriate! Raphtalia! I’ll leave the serving to you.”

“I- I understand… But how did it come to this” While saying that, Raphtalia carried away the meal I made.

The synergy between the good-looking Raphtalia and Filo brought in many customers. The surroundings of the restaurant became noisy, and customers from next door also flowed in.

The light returned to the Manager’s eyes. “One more breath. Good luck!”

“So many customers…! Yes! I’ll do my best!”

And there—

“Hey, hey! Does this restaurant still have bugs? Look!”

Someone made a noise as expected.

“Hey? Why did you pull that bug out of your pocket~?”

The insightful Filo stared at him and asked the thug that was hired by the restaurant next door.

“N- no! This restaurant is–“

“Eh~? But it’s in your chest pocket~?”

“Excuse me.” Raphtalia grabbed the man’s arm and tightened it behind him, then she removed the bottle from his chest pocket and showed it.

“Wha… Is this the source of the rumor that this restaurant is overrun with insects!?”

“N, no! Not me! Don’t be ridiculous!”

“That’s right! This restaurant is one that sells insect-filled food!”

…Now is the time.

I pretended to be a customer and led. “Aren’t you also a friend of this guy!?”

The customers looked at the customer who was defending the thug.

“This guy may also have a bottle with bugs, see if there’s evidence!”

With my lead, I reeled and made everyone surround him.

“S- stop it! Don’t come near me!”

Then, as expected, as a result of the customer cornering and examining him, a bottle containing insects was discovered.

And with that, the people that brought bugs were kicked out and the customers began to enjoy their meal. “Well, that’s about it. You’ve seen and learned what I made today, right? Put it on the new menu, big time.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Listen. Never let yourself lose against conspiracies. See you later.”

So we quietly left the restaurant and resumed our peddling journey.

When I next passed near the same restaurant, a lot had changed; for both myself and the restaurant. It had a long line and the place next door was closed. The manager spotted us from the back and tried to come over, but I warned him with my hand to concentrate on running the place.

(Tanooki Note: This is now in Volume 13)


He nodded quietly and replied with a thumbs up.

Later, the manager said that he made a contract with a wonderful devil in hell and rose to where he is now.

The devil… is he talking about me? Well, I’ll forgive him for today.

Since once again, the garbage in this world has disappeared.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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