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Shield Hero V14 SS1

Raphtalia’s Nightmare…

Raphtalia’s Nightmare…





Huh? What happened to me!?


When I woke up, I was on Naofumi-sama’s bed. I got up and looked around, but Naofumi-sama didn’t seem to be in the room. At that time, I noticed that my field of vision was strangely low.


“Ra- rafuu…”


Is Raph-chan nearby? Looking around the room, she doesn’t seem to be here. However, knowing that child, I can’t rule out the possibility of her hiding herself with magic.


While thinking that, when I put my hand forward, I saw a small fluffy hand in front of me.


W- what is this!?


I summoned all my courage, and I took out a hand mirror from a cupboard that looked like it could be opened to check.


And there—




Right, I’ve become Raph-chan.


Let’s calm down. Take a deep breath. I don’t know what’s causing this situation, but I have to stay calm to start. First of all, I’m wondering if I should consult with Naofumi-sama.


Naofumi-sama has many things he really likes about Raph-chan. He might happily accept me becoming Raph-chan. However, I don’t want to stay like this. Naofumi-sama is probably the only one who’s able to take care of this, somehow.


Or, maybe I could consult with other Heroes? With that in mind, I put my hand on the door of the room…


“Rafuu!” Raph-chan’s height is so short that opening a door is hard work. I bounced, then twisted the door knob to leave the room.


“Oh, it’s Raph-chan!”


“Oh, Raph-chan. It’s a nice day today.”


When I left Naofumi-sama’s house, I met Imiya and Keel-kun.


“Rafu! Rafu! Rafu!”


‘It’s an emergency! For some reason I’ve become Raph-chan!’ I wanted to tell them that, but they can’t understand what I’m saying. This whole situation is half-baked. I feel weird, because I understand what they are saying.


“What happened? Do you want me to stroke you?”


“Rafuu!” Wrong! Please don’t stroke me!


“It looks like that isn’t it.”


“Hmm… I don’t know. Maybe Nii-chan can understand?”


No, I don’t think even Naofumi-sama knows what Raph-chan is saying.


“I think she wants to tell us something?”


“I see! That means you’re searching for Nii-chan?”


“Rafu!” That’s right! I have to meet Naofumi-sama! Filo would be fine too I suppose. She’s terrible at explanations, but she can understand Raph-chan’s words!


“If you’re searching for Nii-chan, I saw him go to Rat-san’s laboratory.”


This may be a godsend. Just like Filo, Rat-san might understand what Raph-chan is saying. I waved to Imiya and Keel, and hurried to Rat-san’s laboratory.


When I arrived at the front of the laboratory, Naofumi-sama had just come out.


“Rafu! Rafu! Rafu! Rafu!” ‘Naofumi-sama! It’s me! For some reason, I became Raph-chan!’


“Oh? Raph-chan. You got up already?” With that said, Naofumi stroked me with a very gentle expression that he usually doesn’t show.


That made me really happy. But it’s not the time for that right now. “Rafu Rafu!” ‘Please listen to me!’ when I think of guiding Naofumi-sama to a person who can understand what I’m saying—




“What’s wrong, Raphtalia?”


I was speechless.


Somehow, my human form approached Naofumi-sama.




“Hmm… there’s trouble in the neighboring town and they need my help? Okay,” Naofumi-sama turns to look at ‘me’. “Then I’ll go out for a while. I’ll leave the village to you—”


Why are you leaving it to me, who has become Raph-chan!?


No, wait! “Rafu! Rafu Rafu!”


“Rafu…” Guessing from that line, the one who is me in my human form is Raph-chan!


What’s more, her eyes are nasty. I feel like she is saying “you just stay there and watch”.




“Yeah, let’s go.”


‘Please wait, Naofumi-sama! Please don’t leave me!’


I… I—!




I woke up and checked my surroundings. The morning sun was shining into the room. “A Dream!?” When I looked at my hand, it was my hand.


With a vague consciousness, I headed to the dining room where Naofumi-sama was supposed to be at this time. Naofumi-sama was cooking as usual.


When I approached while feeling relieved…




“Oh, Raph-chan. Good morning.” Raph-chan was greeting Naofumi-sama.


“Hmm? Oh, so you already woke up too, Raphtalia? Good morning.”


I pointed to Raph-chan and declared. “I will never give Naofumi-sama to you!”


Naofumi-sama and Raph-chan looked at each other and answered while tilting their heads.




“…What are you talking about Raphtalia? Are you still half asleep?”


“No, nothing… I’m sorry for the fuss.”


It was such an eventful morning… I don’t want to have that nightmare ever again.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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