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Shield Hero V14 SS3

While Naofumi embarked on the Capture of Q’Ten Lo, Kizuna is…

While Naofumi embarked on the Capture of Q’Ten Lo, Kizuna is…


“What do you think, Therese? This time it’s a piece I’m proud of!”


Today, Glass and I came to visit L’Arc and his friends, who’re making accessories at Romina’s workshop.


L’Arc has been practicing crafting frequently since Naofumi left. He seems to be lamenting that Therese was fascinated by the accessories that Naofumi made.


Therese picked up a bracelet made by L’Arc and checked the decoration. What is it? Therese has the atmosphere of a skilled appraiser… “The jewel’s cut is lacking. It’s pretty dull.”


[Orichal Starfire Bracelet] Quality: Inferior


Is it an accessory made from a jewel called Starfire and an Orichal ingot? If I remember correctly, the bracelet made by Naofumi is the same. I mean… what Naofumi made is placed in front of him as an example.


[Orichal Starfire Bracelet] (Improve Magic Power (Strong)) Quality: High Quality


Yup. If we compare both, the ones made by L’Arc had lost in every aspect.


“And the quality is poor. L’Arc, what was the quality of the unprocessed Orichal ingot and starfire?”


“Well, the highest grade…”


“I can’t believe you did this to the materials.”


Wow… that is a painful evaluation. However, I can’t back him up since there is such a difference in performance. What “Piece I’m proud of” is he talking about?


“Finally, L’Arc, you’re not even putting your heart into this. You can’t go to Naofumi-san’s level even if you are just obsessed with the form.”


“Ugh…” With both knees on the ground, L’Arc slams his fist on the ground.


It seems that he is experiencing a setback, probably because it’s not going as expected. L’Arc, who has always had everything come easily to him, is now colliding with a huge wall.


When he overcomes this, will L’Arc be able to unlock his potential even further…?


“It didn’t look like Naofumi was putting his heart into making accessories…” Glass backed L’Arc up. And yeah, I think so too. I don’t know how to say this, but I think Naofumi was making accessories for a change of pace.


“Naofumi-san, no, a master craftsman does not compromise his work. Even if he has a desire for money at the bottom of his heart, the result of the job itself was not complainable.”


Oh, so Therese understands that Naofumi is stingy. I mean, she called him a great master craftsman… But what kind of standard does Therese mean when she said L’Arc didn’t put his heart into it?


Is it a matter of trying to create it with the spirit of overcoming it, not imitation?


“It’s true that many of the accessories made by Naofumi are excellent.” I have no intention of denying that part either.


According to Naofumi, his master of accessory making was quite excellent.


“Anyway, the jewel is crying if this is the result! It’s time to start over!”




As Therese told him this, L’Arc began to work.


“Isn’t it impossible to make L’Arc as good as Naofumi?”


“So you can say that kind of harsh comment too, Glass.” As I pointed that out, Glass coughed lightly and diverted her gaze.


“Well, L’Arc is clumsy… It might be difficult to make something equivalent to Naofumi.” I’m aware that I’m saying something harsh just now.


It’s said that if you make an effort, the result will come, but it is a long way for L’Arc to be as good as Naofumi.


I think there are more ways to do it.


“Yes, I also warned him a lot. The wonderful master craftsman and L’Arc, are the moon and the soft-shelled turtle. There is no need to compare.”


Wow…! That is super harsh.


“I’m telling him to give up and do something else, but…”


I see, so Therese also understands.


She agreed with Glass and I.


Then L’Arc banged his desk and looked back. “No matter what, I won’t stop making accessories…”


His eyes are fixed. It’s a little scary. Moreover, is he sleep deprived? His eyes started to look like Naofumi’s.


“L’Arc, calm down. You’re turning into Naofumi!”


“What a great way to explain his expression.” Remarked Glass.


“If that’s the case, how great would it be if his skill also improves like the Master Craftman’s…” Wondered Therese.


“Hey, don’t throw oil onto the fire!” I said.


Glass, Therese, I think you two should think a bit before you speak!


“If… if I give up here, Naofumi will steal Therese away from meee!” L’Arc shouted, and resumed work and began to immerse himself.


Glass and I looked at each other, then started thinking.


“No, no, no, that is too overcautious, ” I said.


“… it might be possible.” Glass pointed to Therese, who is staring at the accessories made by Naofumi with an ecstatic expression.


Looking at that made me think it was certainly possible. So that’s why he’s desperate.


“Well, since it looks interesting, I’ll try making accessories today.”


I think it’s a good idea to make my Personal Lure today!


“Kizuna missy, you want to steal Therese away from me too!?”


“What are you saying!? I won’t do that!” Geez… Naofumi sure did something troublesome, didn’t he?


Glass and I let out a sigh.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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