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Shield Hero V15 SS1

Raph Species+α vs. Filolials

Raph Species+α vs. Filolials


T/N: “α” here is just like what is used in math, to represent things beside Raph Species.


In the morning Naofumi-sama persuaded the Spear Hero, when we returned to the village, I went to put the unconscious Atla-san to bed.


“There you… go.”


I laid Atla-san on the bed in her room. Atla-san went out of control with the skill released by the Spear Hero, a skill that provoked the feelings of jealousy. She usually acts tough, but I guess she had something on her mind…


“… But, I won’t lose to you.” I said.


I gently stroked her cheeks as she napped, and pulled the bed cover over her properly.


Around that time, it happened.




A voice echoed throughout the village.


This voice is… Ruft-kun’s!?


After that, “MOTOYASUUU! What did you just do!? GAAAAAAH!” I immediately heard Naofumi-sama’s scream.


When I hurried out of Atla-san’s room and tried to rush to the scene, I bumped into someone..


“Uwah! Raphtalia-san!” It was Ren-san, the Sword Hero, whose face was pale.


“You heard Naofumi-sama’s scream, too, right!? What happened!?”


“T- that’s…!”


Ren-san then explained the situation to me.


Immediately after I sent Atla-san to bed, Ren-san told Naofumi-sama about the incident in the Filolial Stable, and Naofumi-sama—even though he was scared of what’s happening there—went to investigate the Filolial Stable and let out a scream.


After Ren-san heard the scream, he went to the scene just to see countless Filolials jostling up Naofumi-sama and Ruft-kun.


“Because the ones I’m facing are Filolials, it feels a little weird to call them enemies. I was worried about my judgment and came to get you, Raphtalia-san.”


I rushed to the scene with Ren-san. Then, there—




“Release Naofumi-san and that child right now!” S’yne-san exclaimed.






S’yne-san and the Raph species in the village were glaring at the Filolial Queens who were playing with Naofumi-sama and Ruft-kun. Just where did these Filolial Queens come from?


…It must be the Spear Hero’s fault. No doubt about it.


Naofumi-sama’s condition is… helpless and being toyed by the Filolials.


Anyway, we should prioritize rescuing Naofumi-sama and Ruft-kun for now. However, I don’t know what kind of commotion the Spear Hero would make if I killed any of the Filolial. Certainly, Ren-san’s judgment wasn’t completely wrong.






Even Gaelion descends and siding with the Raph species, glaring at the Filolials.


“Then we’ll have to play hard! We will get them back!”


S’yne-san charged in, with Raph-chan, the Raph species, and Gaelion following her to rescue Naofumi-sama.


“”We’re not gonna be defeated by new monsters nor a dragon!””


We could only look upon the conflict that began to take Naofumi-sama in stunned silence.




“Wow~ It’s beautiful~”


“There’s a lot of food~”


Eventually, the Raph species began to mislead the Filolials using the illusion magic that I’m good at as well. Taking this opportunity, we proceeded between the confused Filolials.




“Ah! They were stolen!”


After breaking through the confused Filolials, Gaelion seized Naofumi-sama and Ruft-kun from the sky. While I was relieved that he managed to rescue them…


“Kyua!” Gaelion was about to take off somewhere after making a mysterious smile.


“Gaelion! Where are you going with the Shield Hero!?” Wyndia-san stops him, but Gaelion won’t follow… Ah, his eyes change and he’s flying wobbly.


There is no doubt. Two spirits are in a quarrel.


“Rafuu!” Raph-chan jumps high and clings to Gaelion, who runs away, and interferes.


“I was amazed… He wanted to keep the Shield Hero to himself and make him grateful…”




“I won’t let you escape!” S’yne-san’s familiar interpreted.


S’yne-san entwines the thread and binds Gaelion’s wings and pulls him closer to the ground.


“Heaaaah!” I struck Gaelion, who was trying hard to resist and jumped up, with the hilt of my katana, with enough force to knock him unconscious.


“Kyu… a…” Gaelion lost consciousness and released Naofumi-sama and Ruft-kun. I grabbed onto them, before landing.


“Naofumi-sama and Ruft-kun have been rescued! Everyone, please go to suppress the Filolials!”




“Gaelion, you will get my scolding!” said Wyndia.


The sight of Wyndia-san scolding Gaelion, who was wrapped around S’yne-san’s thread really was impressive.






“Ugh… Filolials are scary…”


Naofumi-sama, perhaps sensing me and Raph-chan, unconsciously grabbed our hand and didn’t let go.


And like that, we rescued Naofumi-sama and Ruft-kun…


Though as a result of all that, the Raph species became the ruler of the monsters in the village, which was an unpleasant event for me.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
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