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Shield Hero V15 SS2

IF Series – What If I Didn’t Race Motoyasu and Fled Instead

IF Series – What If I Didn’t Race Motoyasu and Fled Instead


Damn, that Motoyasu started the race without my consent and started running ahead on his own… who would want to face him!?


“Portal Shield!”


We ignored Motoyasu and returned to the village.


“Geez… if Motoyasu is there, tell me first!”


“Filo didn’t know!” Filo exclaimed.


Ah, right. Damn that idiot Fitoria! Well, even if she explained the situation properly, I have no intention of following through with it. After all, her wish for me to get along with the other heroes has been fulfilled, and further friendship with them is out of her jurisdiction.


“Fitoria is complaining about us running away, Master~”


“Think about the opponent! Does she really think a reward only of strengthening Filo and Melty is enough compensation for dealing with such a broken guy!?”


“That’s true… I can’t deny it.” Raphtalia commented.


“I mean, I’ve only seen a little, but the Spear Hero is really broken. I understand Naofumi’s argument that the reward of only strengthening Filo-chan and I is not enough.” As expected, Melty seems to recognize that my claim is correct.


“Rather, you should persuade Motoyasu yourself! Motoyasu now definitely listens to Filolials.”


After all, it seemed that he was letting his subordinate Filolials do whatever they wanted. The people Motoyasu believes in, just changed from women to Filolials.


I plucked Filo’s ahoge and started complaining. Filo tilts her head. “Fitoria has become quieter?”


“It means that she can’t come up with a good response.”


It’s a big mistake to think that anything can be silenced by force!


“Umm, Fitoria also went to meet him because of the same reason as Filo.”


Did she go see him before I said it? Then why did she ask me?


“… so?”


“The moment she called out to him, he jumped into her while screaming a strange voice, and even if she hit him, he wouldn’t falter, he stroked and smelled her without her consent.” Filo distorted her face like it happened to herself while speaking Fitoria’s words.


She talked about everything from the encounter to the circumstances in detail, even though the story outline is enough.


“How to put it… I can imagine the situation by just hearing the lines.” Raphtalia commented.


“Can that person really still be called the Spear Hero? It looks like he’s just a pervert.” Melty added.


“”That’s why Fitoria decided to run away with all her might and entrust it to the Shield Hero,” she said.” Filo passed Fitoria’s word to me.


“Yeah, I was wondering if that was the case! Otherwise, she wouldn’t make such a request!”


More importantly, Motoyasu can even repel Fitoria who was fighting Spirit Tortoise face to face? Is he that much of a monster? So this is what they mean by “Idiots may sometimes even transcend logic”.


“Only perverts will sexually harass Filolials.” I said.


“That’s right, Shield Big Brother!” #T/N: Ruft used “Tate no Onii-chan”


Ruft agrees with my words.


“…Bold words coming from the two who were doing the similar thing to Raph-chan.”




Oops, did I step on a landmine?


No, I and Ruft are simply have an alliance that consists of loving Raph-chan, not sexual harassment like Motoyasu.


Even if anyone is mistaken, I don’t want it to be thought that I’m similar to Motoyasu.


“Anyway, if you want me to persuade Motoyasu, I ask for an additional reward.”


She made a selfish request and forced it on us. This much should be forgiven.


“”Then… take this request with additional 30 gold coins as rewards,” she said…”


“30 gold coins? Do you think that you can suppress the capture of sexual harassment man with 30 gold coins? It’s a much cheaper reward coming from someone who had a job to protect the world from the waves.”


“Naofumi, don’t corner Fitoria-san too much.”


“This much is fine.”


While cornering Fitoria for changing the content of the request like that…


“Huh~? I can’t hear Fitoria’s voice anymore.”


“What? Did the conditions get too bad and she ran away?”


I demanded payment up front because I didn’t want to be overcharged… No, Fitoria wouldn’t just run away like that either. There must be something happening.


“–I saaaay~”


An ominous voice comes into my ears.


When we looked back, Motoyasu, who pulled a wagon, was about to rush to the village where we were. The location of the village is revealed!


“It’s my win! Come on, Filo-tan! I’ll guide you to our nest of love, I say!”


Filo opened her eyes to the extent I had never seen before and shouted with a pale face. “NOOO!”


“Ah, Filo-chan!”


After breaking Melty’s restraint, Filo takes her Filolial form on the spot and runs away from Motoyasu with all her might.


“Please wait, I say! Filo-taaan!” Motoyasu takes his Filolial and passes in front of us while raising sand smoke.


Eventually, we can’t see Filo and Motoyasu anymore.


“W- will this turn out alright?”


“Naofumi! What do we do!?”


“… I have no choice but to think it will be okay. She successfully escaped last time, and I have no choice but to expect Filo’s guts.”


When Filo returns, let’s gather all the heroes to capture Motoyasu.


Then a week passed… I haven’t seen Filo and Motoyasu.


I wonder where they went… I have no choice but to pray that Filo will return safely.


Conclusion: If we run away, Filo and Motoyasu will go missing.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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