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Shield Hero V15 SS3

Raphtalia’s Decision…

Raphtalia’s Decision…


It’s been a few days since Motoyasu came to the village. I’ve managed to overcome the trauma… not completely, but I can’t stay cooped up forever.


The decisive battle is approaching after all.




And, because of Motoyasu, I ended up with a horde of Filolials. Well, if I think that my battle force has increased, it may not be bad as a result. However, if there were too many, they would be far too noisy.


To put my complaint in simple terms; I’m sick of Filolials. Originally, it was only Filo and her subordinate No. 1. I was planning to increase their numbers little by little, not all at once like this. How troubling.


So, I was having a meeting with Raphtalia, Ren, and Wyndia in the village square.


“There are a lot of them… but everyone seems to be stopped at Lv 40.” Wyndia reports so.


By the way, I remember that Keel and Imiya were about to be eaten last time. It seems that they push them back… Filolials definitely are ferocious creatures, contrary to their appearance.


“In order to make them useful as a force, having them go through the class up ritual is inevitable.”


Tough, that Motoyasu just wants to grow them up as he likes.




The monsters that became Raph species are restraining the Filolials to protect the slaves in the village.


“Hmm… I’m tired of thinking that the Filolials are more than enough, and fed up with them. Why don’t we don’t tell Motoyasu and secretly make the Filolials class up and change them into Raph species?”


“What are you proposing, Naofumi-sama!?” Raphtalia exclaimed.


“We don’t know what Motoyasu would do if we did that!” Ren added.


“But it’s true that the Filolials caused many problems and have grown so much in the village that we have to discuss this.”


Can you say the same thing when you see that the food supply is steadily declining!?


“Sure, from the food supply in the village to some others… It’s true that the turmoil has increased because of them. The Raph species have managed to keep them in-check, but I don’t know when they will go out of control.” Ren is also supportive of this issue.


“I don’t care how many Raph species will increase anymore.” Mumbled Wyndia as she had given up halfway.


Don’t think of Raph species and Filolial as similar, you dragon maniac!


Fufu… Raph species will increase!


The biggest problem is that Raphtalia has to give permission. I have to guide Raphtalia to nod at my idea. Otherwise, Raphtalia is likely to escape this time. Raphtalia looks at the rampaging Filolials in the village and the Raph species that are restraining them.


“Sure… it’s noisy when their number increases so far, and it’s true that there is a lot of turmoil every day. On the contrary, even if there are many Raph species, they are still quiet.”


“Maybe it’s because of what they are modeled from.”


“I don’t think I’m quiet…”


“Thanks to Raph-chan for being mild and quiet. Of course, it is thanks to Raphtalia too.”




Raphtalia is squinting with a very subtle face. She probably doesn’t like the idea. But she must be wondering how to get rid of this problem too.


“Naofumi also loves Raph species as much as Motoyasu’s loves for Filolials.”


“That’s right. When they become a Raph species, I will take good care of them to the fullest.”


Oh? Maybe the Filolials were listening to my words, since they are now staring at the Raph species. They are raising their eyebrows like crazy, but I don’t care.


It’s just one more push, I guess.


One day, when Motoyasu comes back to the village, I think it’ll be fun to see the despair on Motoyasu’s face because his important Filolials have changed to Raph species.


“Hmm…” Raphtalia is thinking with her arms crossed.


Come on, Raphtalia. Accept my idea obediently.


That way, the village will be even more solid in its strength in a good way. The Raph species will be fixed as the endemic species. Someday, I will eventually convince Gaelion to become a Raph species too!


“Sword Hero, keep an eye on the Shield Hero! Those eyes mean he’s plotting something!”




Ugh… Wyndia is now wary of me. But I don’t care. I’ll push it out with numbers!


Then Raphtalia looked at me as she had decided something. “Naofumi-sama, even if the Filolials classed up and becomes Raph species, they are still originally Filolials.”




“The current Raph species are the monsters of the village that Naofumi-sama originally took care of. Isn’t it natural that they are obedient?”


I think back on the monsters before they became Raph species. After taking care of them every morning, I played with them as a morning exercise. Now that I think about it, they were already obedient back then. On the contrary, the Filolials… I started with only Filo at first, but they already won’t hear what I said like her!


“That’s right. Even if they mutate in class up, their personality will not change, I’m sure.”


That’s true. It is largely because of their original character that the Raph species have taken root in the village as an obedient and wonderful species.


I have to give up on the plan. “That’s right… I can’t put the noisy Filolial genes into Raph species. Let’s abandon this plan.”


“”Boo! We’re not noisy!”” The Filolials started booing.


It seems that Melty and Filo heard this story and came to protest, but Raphtalia became the consulting service and silenced them before they came to me.


The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
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