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Shield Hero V16 SS1

The Three Gladiators of Zeltoble– Employment of Panda and Elephant

The Three Gladiators of Zeltoble– Employment of Panda and Elephant


Thanks to Trash’s strategies, the war with Faubrey ended with a decisive victory for Melromarc.


And, this is the story of what happened at the victory party after the end of such a war…


“This victory was only achieved because all countries took on the challenge united as one!” Trash made a big declaration in the castle town square.


““Oooooh!”” The people, the soldiers, and those who participated in the war this time yelled together.


“Now, my warriors! It’s time to celebrate! Enjoy this time to the fullest!” Like that, Trash ended his speech.


Thus started the party to celebrate the victory against Faubrey, achieved through the collaborative efforts of humans and demi-humans alike without discrimination.


After talking to the people of Siltvelt and Zeltoble a little, I headed to the area where the villagers of my land were gathering.


S’yne, Keel, and Imiya are enjoying the meal. They are gluttons after all, so they are especially noticeable. They aren’t beating the filolials in that regard though.


Unlike me who is only watching the situation, Ren and Itsuki are patrolling properly. They are so serious.


After walking around for a bit, I heard a noisy voice.


“Big Sis will go~!”I heard a woman’s voice I’m familiar with.


When I turned my eyes towards the origin of the sound, I saw Sadeena and Shildina drinking alcohol like it was water, with the people from Zeltoble’s Coliseum who came here for business. They are celebrating in a different way from the villagers.


“Those guys… are they even able to get serious even when not playing around?” That crossed my mind, so I tried to ask Trash.


But then, Trash replied,


“Although they are only mercenaries that came from Zeltoble, they defeated plenty of the enemies. Well, not as much as the heroes’ subordinates.”


“Oh… I see, so they are not just looks, huh.”


“I’ve seen them on the battlefield, but… the famous gladiators from Zeltoble were making a good account of themselves.” Trash pointed to the panda and elephant that Sadeena introduced to me before the war.


I remember thinking the “Three Gladiators of Zeltoble” were a joke. #TLN: Sadeena introduces them to Naofumi in v16.


“If they can fight like that, I’d like to scout them as generals of this, but…”


If Trash complimented them this much, they must really be excellent in battle.


Given that we have to prepare for the upcoming battle… Sadeena also approved them, and it’s not bad to consider it.


“Then, I’ll try to talk to them a little bit. Maybe the scouting will go smoothly if I’m the one doing so.”


If I remember correctly, the Panda is the type that will work as long as you give her money.


Thus, I parted from Trash and went to the mercenaries’ gathering.


“Oh, The Shield Hero! You came at the right time!”


As soon as the Panda sees me, she rushes behind me and uses me as a shield against the Killer Whale sisters.


“Those sisters are trying to get me dead drunk again!”


Haah… it seems like the Panda often gets used as the Killer Whale sisters’ toy.


“Oh, Naofumi-chan~! Is it time for us to receive our reward~? I and Shildina-chan want a hot night with Naofumi-chan~!” Sadeena said.


“Yes,” Shildina said.


The Killer Whale sisters sexually harrassed me again, this always happens when they get the opportunity…


“Yeah, yeah. I’ll think about it after the waves end,” I replied.


“With Elmelo-chan and Sasa-chan too, okay? It’s the beginning of the feast of carnal desires!”


At Sadeena’s words, I looked at Sasa-chan… the Panda, and Elmelo the Elephant.


“I would consider it if it’s someone who is close to me and still loves me after the waves ended and the world became peaceful, but why the heck should I have to do it with someone I’ve only met once or twice!?”


“That’s right! Why should I have to attend such a horrifying feast!?” the Panda yelled.


Hmm… I felt like I could get along with the Panda’s way of thinking. Maybe I could fire Sadeena and employ her instead. That might not be a bad idea.


“Of course I reject that idea!” I said.


“I- I’m saved! As expected of the man who beat that woman in an alcohol drinking competition!”


“I’m not exactly happy about you complimenting me in that way though.”


“So, what business do you have with us? You aren’t just talking to us without a reason, right?” the Panda asked.


Wow, she’s also sharp. Guess I’ll ask now.


“The war has ended, so I just want to ask what are you two going to do from now on?”


“Right… I think we will return to Zeltoble, or work as mercenaries somewhere,” answered the Panda while she sipped some ale.


They are unexpectedly free, or I should say, they don’t plan ahead.


“The Wise King of Wisdom thinks highly of you two. Why don’t you offer him your services?”


After I said that, the Panda smirked.


“Since we also have the Shield Hero’s recommendation… It seems like that will also raise Siltvelt’s evaluation of us. Well, I don’t mind being hired for a while as long as you pay me well.”


Oh, does that mean we got her approval? I’ll report that to Trash later.


“What about you, Elmelo?” The panda asked the elephant Therianthrope near us, who had been silent, maybe she was nervous.


“Uh… my parents told me this is a good chance to sell myself to the shield hero, so if possible, I would like to join that feast of carnal desire…” the Elephant said.


“Ah… well, I’ll be sure to root that out and make that absolutely impossible. I reject the idea.”


“Oh you… well, whatever.”


For some reason, Panda made an exasperated face.


Later, the panda and the elephant would be officially hired by Trash and become Melromarc’s generals.


The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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