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Shield Hero V16 SS2

After Seeing Naofumi Departed…

After Seeing Naofumi Departed…


It happened when I reunited with Naofumi-sama again in the Great Shield Spirit’s world and talked to him. Ost-san and I, were seeing off Naofumi-sama, who had shaken off his hesitation and awakened.


Then, after Naofumi-sama departed…


“Ost-san, how was it? Did I see Naofumi-sama off in a proper and beautiful way?”


“Yes.” Ost-san replied.


“That’s a triple point for me!”


“Y- yes…”


I somehow feel that Ost-san replied with a bitter smile. Well, it’s probably just my imagination.


“Fufu… This raises the bar that Raphtalia-san has to overcome! I gave up the “lover” seat, but I have no intention of ceding my monopoly of his heart!”


“You don’t support her?”


“I do. That’s why I have to make sure that Raphtalia does her best. Since she’s trying to steal Naofumi-sama from me!”


This is also a challenge from me to her. It is a trial for Raphtalia to overcome me and capture Naofumi-sama’s heart. The rivalry between me and Raphtalia hasn’t been settled yet!


“Oh yeah, I was curious. Naofumi-sama asked Ost-san to come out from the Shield’s world as a familiar. Does that mean Ost-san could dwell in a familiar that is born from Raphtalia-san’s hair?”


“Right… I have knowledge of artificial monster research and the like, so if I asked the researcher that is associated with the Shield Hero, it may be possible.”


After hearing Ost-san’s words, I observe the familiar that Naofumi-sama cares so much for, from the Shield Spirit’s world.


Certainly, she seems to have a structure that can be modified easily. Moreover, she is also capable of wielding such great power.


It is indeed a good vessel for me to dwell in, but I have no intention of becoming a sister to Raphtalia-san at all, so it ends up being quite the unappealing option.


Unlike me, Ost-san seems to show no hesitation in that regard. She might settle for such a form, so long as she is able to actively help Naofumi-sama out there, I think.


“The Great Shield Hero appears to deeply care for his familiar after all… So I thought you would gladly choose to dwell within one if it were possible to do so.”


Suddenly, I remembered Naofumi-sama gently stroking that familiar… Raph-chan gently…


Ugh… this… makes my determination waver… Since that means I could have Naofumi-sama’s love all to myself.


But, I won’t lose my composure. Because getting out isn’t the only way to monopolize Naofumi-sama!


“So if Naofumi-sama… the name is Spirit Tortoise, right? If he uses its material to make a familiar, can you dwell in it?”


This place is the Great Shield Spirit’s world, but it is also Naofumi-sama’s world. If Ost-san goes to the outside world, I would  be the only one in Naofumi-sama’s world. The possibility to get out, and this. The better choice is clear as day!


“If it is that then… I would end up in the form of a tortoise instead, I would have an easier time getting used to the body as well. Maybe I should have requested it from him…”


She’s showing some hesitation. But, Ost-san immediately asks back.


“Since you mentioned that, Atla-san. Maybe you can also get out if you ask him to make a familiar using the White Tiger material from within the shield.”


“I can’t. I don’t think I’m skillful enough to do so in that way.”


Presently, I am not confident that I would be capable enough to pull it off. Even if I managed to do it, I have a feeling that what would have been me would mutate into something else in that familiar.


… There’s no doubt that something similar happened to Raphtalia-san’s familiar.


“Please try to imagine this. In the event that I successfully become a familiar, rather than becoming Naofumi-sama’s pet, I can see myself ending up as Onii-sama’s pet instead!”


I’m Onii-sama’s little sister, not his pet. I would like to avoid that outcome.


“Yes… I did see everything from the Shield’s world, but I didn’t expect you to have such a clear image of who your brother is.”


Of course. Onii-sama is Onii-sama after all.


“Returning to the topic at hand. Why did you give up the chance of becoming a familiar when it is clear that you have the desire to go out there?” I asked Ost-san.


“Why are you demanding an explanation from me, Atla-san…?”


It’s not like I’m demanding she answer my question, but it seems like that was how she perceived it.


Well, I can understand her feelings of not wanting to become a familiar.


“Anyway, I’ll support Naofumi-sama as his power from here.”


Yes, it’s not a bad idea to support Naofumi-sama as a familiar, but I decided to help Naofumi-sama from inside the shield. Perhaps Ost-san feels the same as I do.


Since Raphtalia is his sword, I’ll protect Naofumi-sama as his shield.


I should be able to do that from here.


“You’re right,” Ost-san replied.


While Ost-san and I continued talking about such things, we continued to watch over Naofumi-sama and the others.​


The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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