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Shield Hero V16 SS3

Fashion Discussion Between S’yne and Motoyasu

Fashion Discussion Between S’yne and Motoyasu


It was the time after I had recovered from the Filolial shock and was patrolling the village… observing the Filolials that came to the village from a distance.


How should I put it, Motoyasu’s tastes show up very prominently when I see them transformed into their human forms or I see them with bodies that give me the feeling that a bunch of mass-produced Filos are walking around.


Well, the Filolials in the village that are able to transform into human forms tend to appear in child-like forms…


After telling Raphtalia this, she said that there are some individual differences and whatnot between them.


Apparently, there are some Filolials that transform into adult-like appearances, but their numbers are a fraction of the Filolial population though.


And… because all of them are wearing similarly designed one-piece dresses, that really cements the “mass produced” feel for me.


“What is with the crowd?”


With the help of the Raph species, I hid my appearance… and moved to an area near the area where the Filolials are gathering.


Heh! As long as I have Raph species, there is no nothing I have to fear from you!


“Woah~! That looks good~”


“Beautiful clothes~”


I was wondering what they are doing, and it seems that there are a lot of Filolials who are interested in the clothes that S’yne made.


The clothes S’yne made… there’s a lot of them.


There is a wide variety of designs from kigurumis, gothic dresses, and even overalls as well.


Fashionistas, huh? So they are likely to be a high maintenance bunch.


I’m not interested in fashion anyways and just as the thought of leaving crosses my mind, Motoyasu walks right into the group along with his trio of Filolials.


“What is everyone doing?”


“You see, this clothing is very beautiful~” The Filolial with clothes in her hands is showing them off to Motoyasu.


“That’s cute, but the clothes that make the Great Filolials look the cutest are one-piece dresses, I say!”




“Is that so~?”


Then S’yne stands up and stares at Motoyasu.


“Who is that pig?”


Right, Motoyasu can’t recognize women who aren’t closely related to Filo, and he also can’t even understand what they are saying.


“This is S’yne-sama, who sewed this outfit.”


While I am pondering Motoyasu’s condition, S’yne’s familiar begins to speak.




Motoyasu squints his eyes.


“Even though you have such good models to work with, you only ma–…”


“S’yne-sama says it is unsatisfactory to see such monotonous designs, since only one-piece dresses were made for the Filolials, even though they are all good looking.”


“What are you saying?”


Then Motoyasu begins to laugh.


S’yne begins to speak again, perhaps uncomfortable with being laughed at.


“If you think it’s strange–”


“S’yne-sama says you should see it for yourself first.”


“You’re one pig that is good at ventriloquism. Fine. For those who have rotten sensibilities, that are similar to yours, I will teach you that the one-piece dress is the garment that maximizes the charm of the Great Filolials, I say!”


This situation is somehow developing into a mysterious match for some reason.


Will this be okay?


“Listen here. Simplicity is best for clothes. In other words, for the Great Filolials who are models of the highest grade, it is extremely natural that the one-piece dress is the garment that allows them to shine the brightest, I say!” says Motoyasu fervently to S’yne.


S’yne, on the other hand, seems to have fiery passion burning in her eyes, in sharp contrast to my belief that she would respond coldly.


For someone who always looks so unmotivated, what’s up with you being so passionate all of a sudden?


“If that is what you think, then—”


“Evidence is better than argument, have a look at the Filolials that are wearing the clothes that S’yne-sama has designed first!”


With the guidance of S’yne, the Filolials walk towards Motoyasu with each of them wearing various kinds of clothing.


From gothic style dresses to various other clothes… and even Filolials with kigurumis walking past each other in front of Motoyasu like a fashion show.


“How is it? Cute?” Wearing S’yne’s clothes, the Filolial poses as she twirls around.


“Ugh…! B- but no matter how it looks, one-piece dresses are still the best for Great Filolials, I… say!” Motoyasu puts his fist up, asserting his firm will to not yield.


Now you’re just being suspicious!


“What are you doing?”


And now Melty appears with bad timing. As for Filo… Did she run for the hills after sensing that Motoyasu is near?


“Ah, are you trying out Filo-chan’s stage outfit for the upcoming festival? I thought the dress I had prepared would be fine, but I think this is also good,” said Melty after looking at the Filolials, not quite understanding the situation.


Then, Motoyasu stares at Melty with an expression showing his loss of words at her statement.


“Fiancé… What are you making Filo-tan wear–!?”


“What outfit am I making her wear? This one. I ordered it for Filo-chan so that she can sing to raise everyone’s morale.”


So Melty shows off the thing she ordered… An overly decorated mini dress that idols are likely to wear.


“I- Is Filo-tan gonna wear this…!? Buhaghh!!”


Motoyasu’s nosebleed shoots out like a waterhose and he collapses.


“Mokkun!” Red one said.


“Mo-chan!” Blue one said.


“Motoyasu-san!” Green one said.


The three Filolials, who are unhappy with Motoyasu, since he is only talking about other Filolials, carry him away.


“Sure, wearing this will make Filo-tan many times more attractive! I’ll admit that, but don’t forget, I say! That her one-piece dress is the outfit that brings out her attractiveness the most…!” Motoyasu said to S’yne and Melty while being carried away.


“What is he saying…” Melty commented.


“I won.” S’yne celebrates her victory with a guts pose.


‥. Really, what a stupid charade this ended up being.


After Melty and the others left, I called out to S’yne and requested she make clothing that would suit Raph-chan.



The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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