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Naofumi-sama Live Commentary” by Atla and Ost – Takt Subjugation Arc

In the Great Shield Spirit’s world, having been reunited and then sending Naofumi-sama off, I… Atla, have been watching over Naofumi-sama from within the Shield’s world!
Right now, with the Seven Star Staff in hand, Naofumi-sama is currently fighting the vanguard of the waves and his group. The one who the Great Shield Spirit refers to as the Fake Hero Takt who intervened during the fight against the Phoenix.
That situation is currently being clearly projected in front of us in the Great Shield Spirit’s world.
“All Liberation Aura X!” And there goes Naofumi-sama, chanting magic towards his comrades! I also want to receive that magic and fight as well.
Having cast a powerful support magic, Naofumi-sama read and dealt with all of Takt’s attacks.
As expected of you, Naofumi-sama!
“That was the right call! As I expected from Naofumi-sama!”
“He has gotten better with the chanting of magic. There’s nothing to critique.”
The person who just praised Naofumi-sama is the person who came to reside in this world before I did, called Ost-san.
From what I’ve heard, she’s an acquaintance of Naofumi-sama through the battles they have fought together in, and the incarnation of the guardian beast of this world called the Spirit Tortoise.
“Isn’t that right, isn’t that right? After all, this is the real power of Naofumi-sama!”
“If I had to choose… I would say that a much more fitting image of the Great Shield Hero is someone who protects everyone …”
“What’s with that? Do you have something to nitpick about the current Naofumi-sama?”
Naofumi-sama’s decisions are absolute! Those who disagree are people who don’t know their place!
“Surely Atla-san understands it as well, right? That, the idea of the Great Shield Hero is very much in his nature. Was that not the reason why you were so attracted to the Great Shield Hero?”
Ugh…. She hit the nail on the head. 
I will admit that it was Naofumi-sama’s kindness and how he appeared whilst protecting others was what made me so deeply attracted to him. BUT! 
“No matter the form he takes, I will always believe that it is a fitting one!” 
“… You really love the Great Shield Hero don’t you, Atla-san?”
“That is obvious!”
So the conversation continued as we watched the fight, where Naofumi-sama and the others cornered Takt to the edge.
Even that Onii-sama of mine, Fohl, is doing great as Naofumi-sama’s subordinate, fighting one of Takt’s comrades.
Still, that Aotatsu sure has quite the arrogant attitude there. #TLN: Aotatsu literally translates as Blue Dragon
“Are you worried about your brother?” Ost-san asked me for some reason. It made me want to question the meaning behind her words.
“It’s not worth worrying about. There’s no way Onii-sama would struggle against such a small fry. If he does, I won’t forgive him for it.”
In the event that Onii-sama suffers an embarrassing defeat here of all places, he’ll really get it from me.
As Naofumi-sama’s subordinate, enemies have to be eliminated at all costs! 
“It must be tough for your brother.”
Ost-san… you seem to be using weird wording there. Are you making fun of me?
As I thought about such things…. Naofumi-sama had just finished off one of Takt’s comrades! Takt, on the other hand, seems to be screaming in rage about something.
“I can’t believe he is in such fury even though the death of his comrade was caused by him dodging the attack himself…”
“I’m speechless seeing this. If it was Naofumi-sama, he would have even risked his own life protecting his comrades in that situation.”
That is the reason why I want to protect Naofumi-sama.
On the contrary, I’m so astounded to no end on how Takt acted. Pushing the fault onto Naofumi-sama even though it was him who reaped what he sowed… he truly deserves death!
And so, not wanting to spoil the mood, Naofumi-sama decided to show mercy, by not targeting the people around Takt. In that moment, as if to disregard the mercy shown to him, Takt had brought out the Fake Raphtalia-san as a hostage.
“Is there no limit to his foolishness? If I were Raphtalia-san, I would kill myself immediately rather than becoming a burden for Naofumi-sama.”
“If that really happened, would it not cause the Great Shield Hero to grieve? Over the fact that he couldn’t protect her.”
“Indeed, that’s why it is a mistake to even assume that one would become a hostage then. Creating the opening for Naofumi-sama to run, while still managing to escape from their grasps after killing at least one of them. If you can’t do that, then as Naofumi-sama’s subordinate, you must kill yourself before becoming a hostage!” 
“That’s too reckless….”
“Even though you’re lucky enough to have gotten away from them, you still owe us a big one for this.”
“I really don’t know whether to call you out on your strictness or not… Regardless of which, couldn’t you cut her some slack considering that Raphtalia-san managed to escape?”
Even though Naofumi-sama had stopped moving in an act of showing concession to Takt & co, Takt indulged in his desires and impulsively killed the Fake Raphtalia-san without any prior thought to confirm her identity.
Such foolishness.
Soon after, a monster beloved by Naofumi-sama, who bears a resemblance to Raphtalia-san, revealed herself and dispelled the illusion that obscured the reality of the situation.
“For someone who broke their promise after having taken a hostage, he must be quite the despicable person.” Even Ost-san is appalled by his actions.
“Well, even if Raphtalia-san wasn’t able to escape through being summoned, I’m sure she would have been able to recreate something similar to the current situation using her illusions. If she weren’t as tough as she is, Naofumi-sama’s heart would have already been mine by now.”
“Fufu, not being honest with your feelings, aren’t you?”
Even though it felt like Ost-san gave me an unpleasantly wry snicker there, we continued to watch over Naofumi-sama’s battles.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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