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Shield Hero v17 SS2

“Naofumi-sama Live Commentary” by Atla and Ost – Arrived in Another Otherworld Arc

I, Atla, who became a resident of the Great Shield Spirit’s world, am watching over Naofumi-sama with great admiration again today.
In order for us to be able to watch over Naofumi-sama, the Great Shield Spirit is kindly showing us what is going on outside.
After having exterminated Takt, Naofumi-sama has decided to go to another world after talking with a strange Usapill who seemed to be his acquaintance.
It seems like it’s from the world that Raphtalia-san was summoned to. To think she would cause so much trouble that Naofumi has to go to such lengths… I will have to lecture Raphtalia-san about this later.
Prior to leaving, Naofumi-sama had firmly entrusted the rest to Onii-sama and the others.
… I see…
“Something is happening, and it seems to be the Great Spirit’s idea.”
The one who spoke out next to me, is my senior in this world, Ost-san, who is an incarnation of the Spirit Tortoise.
Right. Sadeena-san’s younger sister, who was supposed to stay at home, ended up accompanying Naofumi-sama’s group too.
There must be some reason for the spirits to do this. But at present, we don’t know the exact reason. At the moment, the most we knew about the spirits’ actions here was that there was likely some reason behind them.
The Great Shield Spirit seems to understand why, but it doesn’t really matter for us.
Before long, Naofumi-sama and the others arrived in another world.
“I can’t really tell the difference.”
Even from the shield’s world, I am somewhat able to grasp the situation.
By feeling the presence of the earth, air, winds… and even the flow of Ki. #気 :  Ki; Chi; Life Force
A long time ago, I also dreamed about the different worlds, such as the original worlds that the Four Holy Heroes came from, in the stories my brother told me.
But now that we’ve actually come to another world, I can’t feel anything that seems different.
“The rules are different from the world where Sir Heroes originally came from, isn’t it? The fact that this world has both holy weapons and vassal weapons means that the difference from our world is not that great.”
“It’s a little disappointing. I’m interested in what kind of place Naofumi-sama lived in.”
“Hmm… if I’m not mistaken, deep inside this place … should be something that controls the memories of the Great Shield Hero. If we find it, we might be able to view them,” Ost-san said something that is extremely tempting, didn’t she?
Naofumi-sama’s memories! I definitely want to see them, but at the same time, I definitely don’t want to show it to the Grea… I mean, to Shield Spirit and Ost-san!
What should I do, though…?
First of all, it would be best to get rid of those who are likely to intrude on Naofumi-sama’s private memories. Then, I will be able to carefully take a look at Naofumi-sama’s memories!
“Atla-san, please stop releasing murderous intent!”
Kugh… There seem to be no openings at all. She’s still a Guardian Beast that has protected the world after all, even if it has died.
After  that exchange of ours, Naofumi and the others spotted a puff of smoke, and hurried to the scene. Reuniting with Raphtalia-san after wiping out the Takt-like vanguard of the waves.
“The move she just made… She seems to be quite a talented person. She might be a new potential rival!”
When I saw the movement of the person named Glass, my fighting spirit flared up.
I’m pretty sure she’s someone who commands a considerable amount of strength.
Naofumi-sama once told me about the adventures before he met me, so I remember her well. She’s a hero from another world, once fought against Naofumi-sama’s party in a wave, but for some reason they ended up joining forces.
“It’s a bit vexing for me to only be able to just watch. That person is not aiming for Naofumi-sama, is she?”
Ost-san nodded with a smile in response to my question.
“It’s fine. That person already has someone important to her. I believe she only thinks of the Great Shield Hero as a comrade.”
Ost-san has seen the interaction between Naofumi-sama and those people once from inside the shield. It’s said that she’s on good terms with Kizuna, the owner of this world’s holy weapon.
“However, from what I’ve heard, Kizuna is a woman, right? Then, my anxiety about her aiming for Naofumi-sama won’t go away!”
Naofumi-sama is supreme. I would only allow that in the event that Naofumi-sama thinks of you favorably, though I will still expect a level of dignity from you. Alright?
“I didn’t see her in that kind of relationship with the Great Shield Hero. It really feels like they are comrades.”
Either way, I just have to watch over them after they meet again.
As I watched with that determination, Naofumi-sama reunited with Raphtalia-san and hugged her.
Ugh… it can’t be helped. If it’s Raphtalia-san, I’ll compromise.
After that, Naofumi-sama explained to Raphtalia-san, who was absent at an important time, how the situation with Takt went.
“So you cleared Atla-san’s regrets.”
“Oh… right. When I was wandering between life and death, I met Atla in a place seemingly called the world of shield… Atla was still Atla, just like usual.”
I interfere with the Great Shield Spirit and aggressively assert myself before Raphtalia-san.
I’ll taunt her that I’ve captured Naofumi’s heart!
I repeatedly lit the jewel part of the shield.
“Just because I can’t get my hands on Naofumi-sama, don’t get too carried away!”
Raphtalia-san furrowed her eyebrows in response, seemingly having noticed my provocations.
“Fufu, even if I’m in this state, I won’t lose.”
“Yes… really, this place has become livelier than ever since Atla-san came,” Ost-san muttered with a wry smile.
That’s what happened when Naofumi-sama reunited with Raphtalia-san.

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

The Rising of the Shield Hero Short Stories

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Native Language: Japanese
These are a collection of Japanese store bonuses that you could get for a limited time when purchasing a volume, these bonuses have never been released for English publication.


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